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Jazz sweep the “Texas Two-Step” with a win over the Mavs without Conley and Doncic. Led by Clarkson off the bench, the second unit won the game with stellar defense and excellent offensive play. We break down the game from all the angles!

Jabber Jazz Game Recap of the Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks – February 10th, 2020
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Stat of the Week, September 12th 2019

Many narratives surround Donovan at the FIBA World Cup, mostly about his poor play. Looking into his numbers compared to the rest of Team USA tell a different story.


Behind leading scorers Kemba Walker and Donovan Mitchell, team USA handled Greece with ease.

Giannis Antetokounmpo came out with a flurry of 7 points that included a pull-up three. He was matched by Donovan Mitchell who scored the first 5 points for Team USA. But Team USA was able to cool off Giannis who ended the game with only 15 points.

Whenever Antetokounmpo tried to get to the rim, team USA did a solid job of walling off the paint to keep Giannis away. Giannis would then pass off to shooters but Greece shot a dreadful 26% as a team from three and it was one of the major reasons Team USA was able to get the 16-point, 69-53 win.

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Stat of the Week, September 5th 2019

We fans know the main characters, the central figures in Jazz lore. But we forget the other hundreds of Jazz men who were once as beloved as those playing for this year’s team.


Jabber Jazz Podcast, August 31st 2019, Episode 64

The Jazz are completely set in their roster, but we thought to ask if there was one former Jazz player that could be added to this team and why? It may provide more insight than you think.

The Utah Jazz officially announced the return of the mountain jerseys. We discuss the impact and the anticipation.

Ryan Van Dorn of the Jazz Fan Show stops by to talk Mike Conley’s instant impact, team chemistry, mountain jerseys, and what fans can expect from his show this season.

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0:00:00 – Intro to the show
0:02:09 – Which former player would we add?
0:20:54 – Mountain jersey talk
0:25:21 – Ryan Van Dorn interview
0:46:02 – Close to the show


Jabber Jazz Podcast, August 24th 2019, Episode 63

The Jazz upgraded their point guard in a major way this offseason by trading for Mike Conley. But are we sure the days of positional problems at PG are over? We play devil’s advocate and brainstorm.

Riley Gisseman stops by to talk statistical models, Rudy/Donovan’s upcoming seasons, and his new project “The Basketball Enigma”.

Catch this podcast and other content on our website, Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter, @jabber_jazz, for the latest updates and the hottest takes.

0:00:00 – Intro to the show
0:03:32 – No more PG problems?
0:24:09 – Riley Gisseman joins the pod
0:48:33 – Close to the show


Stat of the Week, August 15, 2019

Jazz fans have seen some amazing performances since the turn of the century. But which ones are the best? In today’s Stat of the Week, we look back at some legends and future Jazz greats in the five best performances of the past 20 years.


I’m going to explain why the Utah Jazz is the most slept on team in the NBA

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Dante Exum is the main character of this season for the Jazz. He is the one brought up by Dennis Lindsey and it’s through him, that the Jazz will either defeat the evil empire (Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant) or fail.


It is the Utah Jazz’s destiny to beat the Clippers in the playoffs!