FIBA roundup – Team USA falls again, Gobert & Ingles remain

Jared Woodcox , 2019-09-13 04:48:38
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Donovan Mitchell and Team USA suffered a historically devastating consecutive loss in FIBA play. Meanwhile, Utah Jazz teammates Rudy Gobert and Joe Ingles remain in play for their respective countries.

If you thought the loss that Team USA suffered to Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert and his France squad was rock bottom for the American squad, unfortunately you were wrong. One day removed from a dismal defeat to France in which Donovan Mitchell thrived but the rest of the US group failed to follow suit, the US found themselves playing in a consolation game against Serbia.

Now, remember, that at one point Serbia was considered the greatest threat out there for Team USA. Many had them pinned as the team likely to face the United States in the championship. But when Spain defeated them in the final game of group play, they arrived on the same side of the bracket as the US, meaning they would have met in the semi-finals. But after losing to Argentina, they landed in the consolation bracket to play Team USA after they fell to France.

It was an odd and unforeseen turn of events that led to the US and Serbia fighting for a chance at fifth place, rather than a chance at FIBA gold. That aspect of the matchup was unexpected. What wasn’t unexpected was the trouble that Serbia gave the United States.

And when I say trouble, it was truly ugly. Serbia came out of the gates red hot to take a 32-7 lead at the end of the first period of play. And, no, that isn’t a misprint. It was that horrific. In Team USA’s defense, they had the misfortune of playing for the second night in a row, somewhat of a rarity in FIBA play, whereas the Serbians were coming in with a day of rest in between contests.

Not only that, but let’s face it, Team USA came to win the whole thing. Whether they’d lost in group play or lost in the Finals, anything but gold would have been a failure. Having lost in the quarter-finals, the US team that arrived at the court to play Serbia was one that was dejected, discouraged and largely defeated before the opening tip even occurred.

To their credit, they didn’t roll over as they very well could have. Instead they battled back in the second to close what looked like an insurmountable deficit to just four points at the half. They pulled even closer at the end of the third as they managed to get within three points. But when all was said and done, USA’s slow start was simply far too atrocious for them to overcome. They were unable to keep their second and third-quarter success up in the fourth and ultimately fell 94-89.

In some ways, the Team USA loss comes as a massive surprise. After all, they hadn’t lost two games in a row since 2002, and their presumed 7th place finish in the FIBA World Cup (assuming they can right the ship enough mentally to topple Poland on Saturday and don’t finish even worse at 8th) will be the worst since 1992.

In other ways, though, it’s not so surprising. Several of the most talented basketball players are coming from overseas. Team USA just took on two of them back-to-back in Rudy Gobert and Nikola Jokic. Not only that, but this rendition of Team USA was one that was lower-tier at best, missing the United States’ most illustrious talents and expecting major production out of guys like Harrison Barnes, Joe Harris, Brook Lopez and others – all guys who are good in their own right, but not of the usual mettle that Team USA typically presents.

The American team had a horrific lack of effective big men with a center core of Myles Turner, Brook Lopez and Mason Plumlee, and were low on reliable shooting. They’ve shot just 33 percent from three-point range up to this point, which is tied with Tunisia and Cote d’Ivoire for 16th among all teams in the tournament. That’s simply dreadful.

The inability to buy a bucket in crucial times proved fatal against both France and Serbia, which is why the US team finds itself where it’s at now, with no better than a seventh-place finish being all they have to look forward to.

No doubt the squad is exhausted, mentally and physically, fed up by the criticism they’ve faced when quite frankly they deserve praise for at least being the ones willing to show up and give their all for their country, and ready to be back in the States preparing for what should be a thrilling 2019-20 NBA season ahead.

Unfortunately, after a brilliant performance against France, Donovan Mitchell was as much a victim of letdown as anyone as he wasn’t nearly as sharp in the loss to Serbia. He finished with just nine points while reverting back to his inefficient ways, going 4-of-12 from the floor which included shooting 1-of-4 from deep. He did have four assists, which was a great sign, but Mitchell was rendered far less effective than he had been versus his Jazz teammate Rudy Gobert and Co.

Hopefully he can finish things off strong in Saturday’s bout versus Poland, then bounce back strong, re-energized and confident for the upcoming Utah Jazz season ahead. The Salt Lake City squad will need Donovan to be mentally sound, focused and rejuvenated for a 2019-20 campaign that holds the highest expectations the Jazz have faced since the duo of John Stockton and Karl Malone suited up for the team.

He’ll need to embrace the good and lessons he’s learned from FIBA, shake off the bad and be ready to go to work in the much more important grind of the NBA.

In other Utah Jazz related FIBA news, though, the bright side of Team USA’s earlier defeat to France was that Jazz center Rudy Gobert remains in tournament play, as does sharpshooter Joe Ingles on his Australian team. Both of them will play in the semi-finals on Friday in games in which they’ll face stiff competition. However, if they prevail, they’ll find themselves advancing to Sunday’s FIBA Championship game, with a chance to bring home the gold for their country.

First, though, Ingles and Australia will take on Ricky Rubio and Spain on Friday at 2:00 AM MT (good luck getting up for that one!). Then, after that, Gobert and France will take on an experienced and grizzled Argentina team, who has been led by a resurgent former NBA-er Luis Scola who has looked excellent this summer.

Both games should be battles to the finish and both could go either way. We’re just about as likely to have a Gobert-Ingles showdown in the championship as we are to have current Jazz players’ teams eliminated from the FIBA tournament entirely.

Next: Utah Jazz: Who should lead the bench unit next season?

Either way, despite the disappointing conclusion for Team USA, who will play Poland in the seventh-place game on Saturday at 2:00 AM MT, Jazz fans are fortunate to have two players yet in the tournament whose teams are eyeing a Finals berth. And three of the top players – Mitchell, Gobert and Ingles – in FIBA play were Jazzmen, so hopefully that will be a promising and reassuring sign for the NBA season ahead.

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Joe Ingles has been a problem. Watch him ball out for the Utah Jazz last year.

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Exum owns a team, Ingles was almost 'Inlges'

Ryan Aston , 2019-08-21 04:04:05
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Utah Jazz guard Dante Exum is branching out into franchise ownership. Also — Joe Ingles reveals the zany details of his first pro contract negotiation.

After five years and more than 200 DNPs — the brunt of which came as a result of some catastrophic injury or another — Utah Jazz fans still find themselves waiting for Dante Exum to make big moves on the basketball court. Exum obviously has all the physical tools, but he just can’t seem to stay on the floor.

Despite the inactivity during his Jazz career, Exum is still making moves off the floor, though, and I’m not just talking about his latest rehab project. This week, the former No. 5 overall pick officially into the owner’s box of his own pro hoops franchise.

Per an announcement from the Australian NBL, the Jazz guard is officially joining the ownership group of the South East Melbourne Phoenix, an expansion team that will be a part of the league’s competition next season.

He joins an ownership group headed up Swansea City AFC co-owner Romie Chaudhari.

Exum, of course, is an East Melbourne product, and was stoked at the prospect of helping to bring pro basketball and the NBL to the place that was so formative in his own journey.

Via —

“Melbourne has played a key role in my basketball journey and the chance to be involved in the ownership group of the SEM Phoenix is a perfect way to further that strong connection with the city. I look forward to seeing the continued growth of the NBL and much success and excitement for the team and the city of Melbourne.”

Although they’ve yet to play their first game, the Phoenix have already made a splash in the NBL, inking 2018 All-NBL Second Team honoree (and former Jazz summer leaguer) Mitch Creek to a deal.

Exum’s team will tip-off its innaugural campaign on October 3 against Melbourne United at Melbourne Arena.

Joe Ingles was nearly “Joseph Inlges” ??

At this point, even hoops fans outside of the Beehive State know well the tale of Joe Ingles‘ inauspicious beginnings in the NBA. But if you’re among the uninitiated, Slow Mo’ Joe was in his late 20s and making his final play for a gig in the Association when the LA Clippers cut him during the preseason.

After that, Ingles was about to throw in the towel on his NBA dreams when the Jazz suddenly came calling.

From there, he went from being an end-of-the-bench guy to an emergency injury fill-in to a key backup and spot starter, all the way up the line to Utah’s full-time starting small forward spot, legit sharpshooter cred and underdog/cult hero status.

It’s a crazy story if ever there was one, but apparently Ingles’ basketball journey was crazy right from Jump Street, i.e. when he was a teenager negotiating his first pro contract.

The Jazzman and his wife, netballer Renae Ingles, made an appearance on The Howie Games podcast last week and gave all the sordid details of his dealings with his hometown club, the Adelaide 36ers. Believe me when I say they are wild.

Apparently, the 36ers didn’t know his actual name and wanted to pay him less than the minimum allowable salary.

Said Ingles —

“I went into a meeting with them; I had my agent, my dad. And this was — to the 36ers’ credit now — old management, old general manager. They’ve moved on from that. But I got offered a contract that was below the minimum. Whatever the minimum was, 20 grand or whatever, it was way below the minimum.

“As my agent and my dad were looking over the contract, I was like, ‘That’s a bit weird’. My name was spelled wrong on the contract and I was like, ‘Ah, maybe it’s not as thought-out as you thought’. We thought they really wanted to have me. They misspelled my last name, so it was like I-N-L-G-E-S or something. Which is maybe just a typo, everyone does it, we’ve all done it. But if you’re trying to recruit someone that’s from your hometown.”

Ouch. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The 36ers also envisioned Ingles playing power forward and center — as a 17-year-old kid standing 6-foot-3. Also — there was no guarantee he would even play; Ingles (or Inlges, as it were) would have been one of 15 guys vying for 10 spots on game days.

Clearly, Adelaide missed the boat in a big, bad way with Joe.

Next: Utah Jazz: Iso Joe, Big All nab top seed in BIG3 playoffs

You can check out part one of the Ingles’ two-part pod episode HERE.

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Joe Ingles should revel in reduced role

Hayden Van de Maat , 2019-08-20 04:03:57
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The offseason moves made by the Utah Jazz front office have in all likelihood allowed Joe Ingles to slide into a bench role. How does this change bring out the best in his game?

With most of the Utah Jazz’s recent publicity centered on the acquisitions of Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdanovic, little has been said about how these two moves create a trickle-down effect throughout the roster.

Of all the players returning to the Jazz next season, Joe Ingles may be the most effected. The  starting lineup next season is expected to include Mike Conley and Donovan Mitchell in the backcourt, Bojan Bogdanovic and either Jeff Green or Royce O’Neale in the forward spots, and Rudy Gobert at center.

Thus, leaving Joe Ingles to return to the bench after two years with the starting unit, placing another arrow in the quiver of Quin Snyder, who has seemingly endless possibilities with regards to the lineups he can put on the floor.

With two capable creators now in the backcourt, and I suspect Coach Snyder will stagger them to assure one of them is on the court for all 48 minutes. As a result, Ingles may never be forced into the primary ball handling role. This allows him to play his natural, more effective role of working with an advantage created by the offense.

In the last two seasons as a starter, Slow-Mo’ Joe has averaged 11.8 points on 45.7 percent from the field and 41.5 percent from 3-point land, as well 5.3 assists, 4.1 rebounds and 1.1 steals in just over 31 minutes per game.

Coming up on 32 years of age, expecting Ingles to start and play 30-plus minutes each night was going to be a stretch, which is why the Bogdanovic signing in particular really releases the burden on Joe.

Another aspect of this will be how much the floor will open up for the sharpshooter given the new personnel. The Jazz can conceivably put a lineup on the floor of Mike Conley, Donovan Mitchell, Joe Ingles, Bojan Bogdanovic and Rudy Gobert. This should be as potent of an offensive lineup as you will see in the NBA.

Next: Utah Jazz: Joe Ingles promises to dunk on Donovan Mitchell in FIBA friendly

With the best rim roller in the NBA, four guys who are capable of creating with ball in hand, including two elite dynamic guards, and four capable shooters, including two snipers on the wings, the Jazz could wreak havoc offensively with this unit.

I’m expecting Ingles to come off the bench and pick apart opposing benches for around 25 minutes per game, while shooting the ball at a great clip and putting his name in the Sixth Man of the Year conversation.

Although Ingles’ role may be slightly reduced, you can expect his impact to be just as prominent.

Statistics courtesy of Basketball Reference. 

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Joe Ingles has fighting words for USA's Donovan Mitchell

Ryan Aston , 2019-08-19 22:11:49
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Utah Jazz teammates Donovan Mitchell and Joe Ingles will go head-to-head when Team USA takes on the Aussie Boomers this week.

This week will undoubtedly be a big one for Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell and USA Basketball — it’s the final week of camp and exhibition bouts before the Americans head to China in search of FIBA World Cup gold. More than that, though, it’s the next chapter in what is one of the low-key great rivalries in Jazzland currently.

Spida versus Slow-Mo’ Joe.

With Team USA set to take on the Australian national team, also known as the Aussie Boomers, in two friendly games in preparation for World Cup play, Mitchell and fellow Jazzman Joe Ingles will find themselves on opposing benches.

And while both are probably more interested in representing their countries as World Cup winners, the battle for bragging rights among Jazz teammates is definitely not lost on them.

After the Boomers beat Canada in an exhibition over the weekend, Ingles served up the opening salvo in their individual fight. Ingles’ declaration: he’s going to throw down on the 2018 Slam Dunk champion. Check it out —

If you follow the social media exploits of Jazz players, you’re likely well aware that Ingles has no shame when it comes to dispensing trash talk at anyone who will listen, including (and especially) his own teammates. However, Mitchell has always been one of his favorite targets.

That said, history is not exactly on Jinglin’ Joe’s side as relates to posterizing people.

Over the course of an NBA career spanning five years and more than 400 games, Ingles has only notched 20 dunks in total. Last season, he managed three slams despite playing in all 82 games as Utah’s starting small forward.

Still, Ingles definitely can get up when he needs to (or has enough time and space to do so, which is rare). In fact, in his younger days, he was once given the moniker Jumpin’ Joe Ingles, but Mitchell didn’t appear to be sold on his teammate’s aerial exploits when tape of them surfaced last year.

Next: Utah Jazz: Donovan Mitchell, Team USA roster update

I, for one, hope Ingles can make good on his dunk promise, if for no other reason than the Twitter shenanigans that would ensue after the fact.

Mitchell and Team USA will play Australia on Thursday and Saturday.

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Ingles makes Boomers WC roster, Starks promoted

Ryan Aston , 2019-08-08 05:07:26
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Utah Jazz wing Joe Ingles is officially locked-in for FIBA World Cup play. Also Jazz president Steve Starks is moving on up in the Miller Group.

The 2019 FIBA World Cup of basketball is less than a month away and, as such, Utah Jazz fans are getting hyped over the possibility of Donovan Mitchell representing Team USA in the competition. However, he’s not the only Jazzman looking forward to the tournament in China.

Elsewhere, Rudy Gobert will lead what figures to be a strong French team into competition. And, on Wednesday, another of Mitchell’s teammates officially locked down his ticket to the World Cup.

The Aussie Boomers announced their 12-man roster for the tourney and, as expected, Joe Ingles will be a part of the team.

Ingles has an extensive history with the Australian national team. He has participated in three Olympic Games (2008, 2012 and 2016) and also competed in the World Cup/World Championships in 2010 and 2014.

During the ’16 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, he averaged eight points, three boards and three assists per contest as the Aussies finished just outside the podium in fourth place. He remains one of the Boomers’ best ballers.

Although Australia will be without the likes of Ben Simmons, who withdrew from competition earlier this summer, and injured Jazzman Dante Exum, they remain a team to be reckoned with. NBA guys like Patty Mills, Matthew Dellavedova, Andrew Bogut, Aron Baynes and Jonah Bolden will all join Ingles in China.

Nathan Sobey, the former Wyoming standout who played with the Jazz summer leaguer squad, also made the cut. Meanwhile, two other players with Jazz ties were among the notable/surprising omissions from the Boomers’ roster. Namely, Mitch Creek and Brock Motum.

Ingles and the Aussies will compete in Group H and are scheduled to tip-off World Cup play on September 1 against Canada in Dongguan.

Starks promoted

Steve Starks, who has been the President of the Jazz since 2015, has been promoted to a new job (the job) within the Larry H Miller Group of Companies. On Wednesday, Starks was announced as the Miller Group’s new CEO, ending an eight-month national and internal search to name a new top executive.

Starks will officially assume the role on August 12 and will also serve as an executive member of the Board.

Don Stirling, an executive VP at LHM Sports and Entertainment, will take over as Jazz prez on an interim basis until the position is filled. Starks is expected to maintain an active role within the Jazz organization.

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Joe Ingles' shooting takes a decline

Jared Woodcox , 2019-05-08 12:00:42
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While there were some nice aspects of Joe Ingles 2018-19 performance, overall his drop in efficiency made for a disappointing season.

When thinking about how the Utah Jazz were able to bounce back from the loss of Gordon Hayward in the summer of 2017 and continue to be a playoff caliber team, most Jazz fans will give a lot of the credit to the rise of Donovan Mitchell. Others will praise the defensive excellence of Rudy Gobert who always keeps the Jazz anchored on that end. Still others might give brilliant head coach Quin Snyder the nod for keeping the team in the upper tier of the West. All of those are very much deserved.

But one player that certainly deserves credit is Joe Ingles. Ingles has developed a reputation as a lights-out 3-point shooter and a hard-nosed irritant capable of pestering opposing players relentlessly on the defensive end. The strides he’s made and the work he’s put into his game to improve on both ends of the floor has undoubtedly made the Jazz a better team than many would have predicted a couple years ago.

And since the departure of Hayward, Ingles has upped his game further, becoming one of the key scoring options on a Jazz team that sometimes struggles to put the ball through the hoop. He cashed in 11.5 points per game a season ago and 12.1 this past season, the best mark of his career. He also excelled in a point-forward role as Utah’s occasional primary ball-handler, dishing out a career-best 5.7 assists per game.

Unfortunately, while those were some nice upticks to see in Ingles’ game, the 31-year-old still didn’t quite have the season many might have hoped. It felt like he never got into the shooting groove that he has the past two years and he wasn’t nearly the deadly weapon from the perimeter that the Jazz so often needed him to be.

Sure, the 39.1 percent mark that he put up from deep was far from something to balk at and better than most shooters across the league. But when compared with his 44 and 44.1 percent clips from the past two years, it was quite a downgrade. Not only that, but his overall field goal percentage dropped nearly two percent from a season ago to 44.8 percent, marking his worst efficiency since the 2015-16 season.

Ingles’ inconsistency and shooting struggles culminated in this season’s first-round playoff matchup against the Houston Rockets. Where Ingles was so effective last year, most notably in shutting down Paul George and shooting the lights out on the Oklahoma City Thunder, he essentially completely disappeared this time around. The Aussie averaged a meager 6.4 points per game while posting horrific shooting marks of 32.4 percent from the field and 27.6 percent from deep.

All in all, Joe Ingles didn’t have a bad year by any means. He was still one of Utah’s most effective floor spacers, continued in his important role as a 3-and-D player and was crucial to the offense as the team’s fourth leading scorer. However, considering that his efficiency took such a dip this year, and as a result his consistency as well, and that Ingles was essentially a non-factor in the playoffs, it’s hard to give him all that high of a grade in 2018-19.

It’s not that he was awful, but in many ways he failed to live up to expectations. Maybe it was unfair to expect Ingles to continue to improve as he has the past two seasons considering that he’s now on the wrong side of 30. Although to his credit, in some ways he definitely showed a more advanced repertoire as well so there were still some nice strides. Nevertheless, his most critical role for the Jazz is serving as a 3-point specialist and sniper extraordinaire.

But he didn’t deliver there to nearly the degree that was hoped for. Instead, he disappeared when the team needed him most and failed to hit big shots when his name was called in the playoffs. For those overarching reasons, unfortunately I’m giving Ingles a less than glimmering review for this past season.

2018-19 Grade: C+

Next: Utah Jazz’s 2019 summer league gets a facelift

The Utah Jazz unquestionably need to add more reliable 3-point shooting this summer to bolster the roster for next season. However, that area can also be enhanced internally if Joe Ingles is simply able to get back to his old self from the prior two campaigns. If Joe can get his grade up during the 2019-20 season, it could very well bolster the Jazz’s level of success dramatically.

Other 2018-19 Utah Jazz Player Grades:

Donovan Mitchell

Derrick Favors

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Highlights of Opponent Game Thread Highlights 2018-2019: Joe Ingles

moni , 2019-04-16 12:44:29
Utah Jazz Tickets

** Kawhi vs. Joe Ingles A modern day Magic/Bird rivalry TOR
** ingles look like Larry bird out there SAC SAC
** Jackson making Ingles look like Larry Bird. SAC
** Joe Ingals > LARRY BIRD lol GSW
** can we please not let Joe Ingles go all Larry Bird on us GSW
** Holy shit you guys. Joe Ingles is the Australian Larry Bird. GSW
** Ingles playing like Larry Legend tonight BOS

** Dirk Ingles over here jeez GSW
** Ingles > MJ GSW
** Bruh when did Jingles become white Kobe? GSW
** joe “steph curry” ingles GSW
** Joe ingles is looking like Steph against us PHO
** Joe Ingles aka Outback Jesus GSW

** Ingles, Blazer killer. One of many. POR
** I have Joe Ingles envy you guys. I want one POR
** Ingles is like that tootheache that won’t go away. GSW

** Let them shoot outside jumpers except Mitchell and science teacher HOU
** Joe Ingles looks like a 40 year old PE teacher. DEN
** How is this PE teacher looking dude dropping so many 3’s on us? PHO
** Ingles looks like my middles school gym teacher PHO
** Ingles looks like he should be an assistant coach or something with how old he looks. POR
** Ingles looks like a chemistry teacher LAL
** The math teacher lmao LAL
** Joe Ingles is everybody’s 8th grade math teacher who likes to play students one-on-one. MIL
** Getting bodied by a math teacher smh… jingles really jingling TOR
** Joe “don’t mind me, I’m just a middle aged man, employed as a math teacher” Ingles. GSW
** Fucking Joe Ingles, that math teacher lookin’ hobo. OKC

** Ingles looks like an alcoholic hobo PHI
** Joe Ingles looks like an alcoholic panhandler BOS
** He looks like he lives in a tent on skid row LAL
** Crappy vagrant. PHO
** Joe Ingles looks like that homeless guy you play pick up games with in the park OKC
** joe ingles looks like some homeless alcoholic they just picked off the street PHI
** I’ve seen junkies that look healthier than Joe Ingles. PHI
** Jingles looks like he’s been hitting that Oregon meth POR
** Ingles looks like he should be on Cops getting arrested for smoking meth at a trailer park in Des Moines DEN
** jesus christ man he looks like he just smoked so much meth PHI
** Ingles always looks severely hungover. SAC
** He just looks like he has a massive hangover 24/7 GSW
** Ingles looks like a 35 year old homeless Terry Stotts. With a drinking problem. POR

** ingles looks like a 14 year old and a 54 year old meth head photoshopped together into one. POR
** Splash uncle LAL
** Ingles looks like a drunk uncle LAC
** Joe Ingles looks like that one crazy relative at every holiday get together. MIN
** i can’t get over the fact that joe ingles looks 40 DET
** ingles looks a 40 year old family man, yet he’s tearing us up Jesus TOR
** Ingles could be my dad, and I’m 23. BOS
** Joe Ingles looks like the step dad that brings a kid to local summer league and fills in for an injured player PHI
** He looks like a 45yo under-employed stepdad OKC
** he looks damn near 57. GSW
** Joe Ingles looks like a divorced dad that makes a scene at 11 PM on a weeknight at Hooters MIL
** Why is there a drunken divorced dad on the court? HOU

** Joe Ingles looks like a rec league dad. BOS
** Joe ingles is a middle aged dad at the YMCA LAL
** Ingles actually looks like the 40 year old dad that tries way too hard at the y DEN
** We’re getting bodied by a dude who looks like he should be playing at the y DEN
** Ingles looks like a dude that plays pick up games at my local Y GSW
** ingles is the guy at the y who drops 40 in a head band and chuck taylors CHI
** Ingles looks like that nerdy dude who comes to.the YMCA and you laugh at and don’t want on your team. ORL
** Ingles look like a washed up YMCA Saturday morning rec league bench warmer. BOS
** Yo, why does Joe Ingles look like a YMCA schmuck who gets his pants stolen? TOR
** Joe Ingles doesn’t look like he should be good at basketball MIL
** I really don’t understand how a slow balding man continues to beat us off the dribble DEN
** How is Ingles a starter in this league, slow footed and unathletic I don’t get it PHI
** Why do we allow scrubs like Ingles to go off against us every game? BOS

** Joe Ingles looks like he smokes rollies MIN
** Joe Ingles looks like he picks half smoked cigarettes up off the sidewalk and finishes them MIN
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** he looks like a gynecologist BOS
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** Ingles is the Scranton Strangler. POR
** Fucking Toby The Office retarded brother DEN
** Dunder Mifflin is missing an HR employee MIL
** Get fucked you toby looking prick OKC

** Someone needs to put an elbow to Ingles teeth DEN
** Someone needs to punch Ingles in the face hard POR
** Ingles has one of those punchable faces GSW
** I hate Joe Ingles for no reason GSW
** Fucking can’t stand Joe Ingles. GSW
** I just hate Joe Ingles SAC
** I want to murder Ingles SAC
** I fucking hate Ingles sooo much bro OKC
** I want to murder Joe Ingles. PHI
** I hate Joe Ingles. MIL
** i cant fucking stand joe ingles OKC

** Joe Ingles is so fucking annoying MIN
** Jingles is such a little bitch. PHI
** Ingles is a buttplug DET
** Joe ingles is a fuck DET
** Ingles is a BITCH!! POR
** Ingles is a pussy ass bitch POR
** Ingles is still a cunt OKC
** ingles is such a prick DEN
** Ingles is a jackass. DEN
** Joe Ingles is a shit farmer DAL
** Joe Ingles is dirt DEN
** Ingles is an arrogant piece of shit SAS
** Ingles is such a bitch. BOS

** Fuck Joe Ingles DAL
** Ya fuck you Ingles DAL
** Fucking JIngles, man… BOS
** Fuck you Joe ingles BOS
** Fuck off grandpa joe SAC
** Fuck you Jingles SAC
** fuck joe ingles SAC
** Fuck Joe Ingles SAC
** fuck Joe Ingles. SAC
** Eat dick Ingles OKC
** Fuck Ingles POR
** Fuck Joe Ingles MIN
** Idk why. But fuck Ingles POR
** Man, fuck ingles POR
** Lol fuuuuuuuuuuuck ingles. Mediocre af. POR
** Man FUCK Ingles lol. PHO
** Fuck ingles 40 year old lookin ass PHO
** F Joe Ingles and everyone who likes him! PHO
** fuck the Jazz and that crack head Joe ingles PHO

** Jake Layman is about the same height and shoots 3’s POR
** if he starts losing his hair and improves his passing, he’ll be on his way POR
** Just need to hobble him somehow so he’s got the Slow-Joe quality POR
** That and dad bod. POR
** And start looking like he smokes 5 packs a day. POR

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