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Utah Jazz Tickets
Official Utah Jazz Tickets On Sale Now!

Did the Hawks use too much draft capital to acquire their 2019 draft picks? Why Cam Reddish might be the swing prospect in the Hawks rebuild. The Jazz added more offensive playmakers, how might that impact their defensive performance? Why Quin Snyder is the perfect coach to help Donovan Mitchell through his expected role adjustment.



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This is list of games which I’m upload on this channel in next weeks/months. Enjoy people! 😉


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Paul Millsap’s monster game at home lifted the Hawks to the win over the Jazz.

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Utah Jazz Tickets

Utah Jazz Tickets
Official Utah Jazz Tickets On Sale Now!

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Utah Jazz Tickets

Utah Jazz Tickets
Official Utah Jazz Tickets On Sale Now!

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Jazz forward Thabo Sefolosha and his wife Bertille showed us around his apparel store in Atlanta: ATTOM.


December Dates with OKC Will Be Valuable Down the Stretch

Steve Godfrey , 2019-03-22 02:24:59
Utah Jazz Tickets

Last season an unexpected loss to the Atlanta Hawks in game 71 of the season became a determining factor in why the Jazz lost out of homecourt advantage in the NBA playoffs that spring. A win Thursday night would’ve put the Jazz 1.5 games out of the 4th seed in the west, but Trae Young, three-point shooting, and the Hawks proved spoiler again. 

Entering the contest on a five-game win streak, all by 15+, while the Hawks were on a three-game losing spree, it was supposed to be a Jazz victory. Instead, the Hawks won 117-114, in a game that maybe wasn’t even that close. Four teams, including the Jazz, now hold a 42-30 record in the West, tied for playoff spots 5-8. 

The Jazz certainly had a chance, though. Down by three with six seconds left, Kyle Korver was fouled in the corner on a shot attempt, only to realize he had his foot on the three-point line. He went to the line for two free throws, but missed the first and then intentionally missed the second. Hope lingered in the air as Donovan Mitchell grabbed an offensive rebound, raced to the three-line, and threw up a good look but it fell short. 

It should be noted that the Hawks weren’t just going to be a pushover as they have been running and scoring since the All-Star break. Specifically, the team has put up 119.5 points a contest since the break, which ranks 2nd best in that span. Young and the shooters like to get out and run, they have the second-fastest pace in the league, and the Jazz were coming off a back-to-back.  It also helps when you shoot 19-40 from deep.

Despite blowing out New York the night prior, Jazz head coach Quin Snyder wasn’t impressed with the overall team defense. After the game, he said, “Every minute of every game we need to defend the right way and play the game the right way.” Thursday night must’ve been even more disappointing as the Hawks shot 47% from the field, 47% from deep, and picked up 16 fast break points. 

Young, specifically, was a problem for the Jazz defense. In the first few minutes of the game, he had six points and three assists (all threes) as the game became tied 19-19. He set the tone for the game and was in control, even spacing Gobert out as he would easily get into the lane. Gobert, early, wasn’t able to alter any of Young’s shots. On one occasion, Young drove past Rubio, putting him on his hip, and then faked Gobert out by slowing down his dribble while then going between his own legs en route to a reverse layup. Mitchell, on the other hand, had 10 in the quarter as he continued his efficient scoring spree. The lead was only one by the end of the first stanza,  29-28. 

It was the second quarter that the three-point shooting barrage really took shape. At one point, the Hawks were 10-15 from deep, including threes from their centers Alex Len and Dewayne Dedmon. In fact, Young, the deep man marksman, was 0/3 from the three-line by halftime. Everyone else, however, was letting in rain. The Hawks used runs of 10-2  and 8-3 to finish the quarter strong and take a commanding 65-54 lead. Young had nine points and seven assists while Mitchell had 16. The Hawks were 12/22 from deep at that point. 

Within two minutes of the third quarter, the Jazz stormed back with a 9-0 run, fueled by two Mitchell dunks in that span. It was three straight stops on defense and then three straight buckets on the offensive end, which was just the second-half start they needed to get back into the game.

And if there was any highlight worth remembering from this ballgame as Jazz fan, it was that third quarter. The Jazz quickly went on a 14-6 run, having made 7-10 shots in the first six minutes of the quarter. It then ballooned to 28-8 as Mitchell had 12 in the quarter and the Jazz went with him on a blazing run.

In that quarter, John Collins picked up his fourth foul that the Jazz certainly took advantage of. Collins wasn’t having a hand on the game as both Derrick Favors and Gobert limited the talented big fella to a 2/8 performance. However, on the season the Hawks are -8 with Collins off the floor and that number certainly proved true for the Jazz on Thursday night. It was 91-86 in favor of Utah going into the final frame. The Jazz were 37-7 on the season when leading at the end of three quarters, but the numbers didn’t side with the Jazz on this rodeo. 

Again, the threes started flowing for the Hawks as the never-aging Vince Carter, Kevin Huerter, and Young all made threes in succession to pin the lead to one, 99-98. Ricky Rubio then scored five straight points to give Utah a little more cushion, but the Hawks would eventually fly to a 16-4 run, including some nifty passes and buckets by Young. Down four with a minute left, Jae Crowder dribbled into the defense and turned the ball over, which ultimately lost the game before the Korver free throw situation in the closing ticks. It was an unfortunate night for Crowder who went 0-6 from the field, had four fouls, and was a -18 from the line. 

Rookie of the Year

As the season began, Luke Doncic was all the rage. He was hot, he was rolling, and he was a legit consideration for an All-Star berth as he put up triple-doubles or was hitting game-winners.  In the 2018 year, it looked like the Rookie of the Year award was a one-man race partly because Young started out so slowly.

Prior to the season’s intermission, Young was shooting 31% from deep despite being known as a sharpshooting threat. Doncic was average from deep, 34%, in the games leading up to the All-Star game. However, in 2019, and post-All-Star break specifically, Young has given Doncic a run for his money as his shooting percentages have increased.

In the 13 games since the break, Young is shooting 42% while Doncic has dropped dramatically to 27%. Their points and assists per game, post the break, are now quite even, too. Young: 25 ppg and eight apg while Doncic is 23 ppg and seven assists. Granted, Doncic is still the favorite to win it, but Young is making it interesting. Here are the per-36 averages based on the entire season. 

Per 36 Minutes Table
Luka Doncic 65 2105 7.8 18.2 .429 2.6 7.8 .336 5.2 10.4 .498 8.4 6.4 1.2 3.8 2.1 23.4
Trae Young 71 2181 7.3 17.6 .415 2.3 6.8 .335 5.0 10.8 .465 4.2 9.1 1.0 4.5 2.0 21.6

Recently, Young sat down with Alex Kennedy from HoopsHype for a one-on-one interview. Naturally, the conversation went towards the Rookie of the Year race. Young said:

“I want to be the best rookie in my class – this year and beyond. Of course I want to win it, and I still think there’s a chance. Luka has had a tremendous year. He’s played well all year and done a lot of tremendous things, and I’m really pulling for him because I want our rookie class to look good. But I think I’ve had a pretty good year as well. And with the way I’ve been playing lately, I think if I continue to play this way, there’s definitely a chance that I’ll win it. Both of our teams are sitting in 12th or 13th in our conference, so it’s not like making the playoffs or winning is going to be a [deciding] factor, but I obviously want to win games as well. We’ll see.” 

The race feels familiar to me as I think back to last year’s Ben Simmons-Donovan Mitchell duel. Mitchell started the season under the radar and with underwhelming stats, but really turned things on as the Jazz mounted their playoff push. Mitchell wanted to be considered in the race, while Simmons easily dismissed the argument. By the end of the season, the two were warring with words and wearing hoodies with definitions on them. As well, by the end of the season, the race wasn’t that close as Simmons easily won, which is what I think will happen with Doncic. At least this time around, the two players are cordial with each other and complimenting each others game.  They may also be dueling off the court, just in pre-game routines as The Ringer NBA pointed out: 

In that same interview with Kennedy and HoopsHype, Young was asked specifically about why he has improved over the last few months. His reply reminds me also of Mitchell and the adjustment young players make as they transition to the NBA game and NBA life.  Young said:

I think the game is starting to really slow down for me. Now, I’ve kind of seen a little bit of everything in terms of what teams are throwing at me and how defenses are trying to guard me. Also, I’ve seen most teams multiple times; in some cases, it’s my second or third time playing against a certain team. I know more about who I’m playing against too. I feel like I’m getting more used to the NBA game, the style, as well. I think I’m starting to feel more comfortable. I’m much more comfortable than I was during that first month, when I was shooting 19 percent from three. That was just… terrible. 

To be fair, I was extrememly skeptical about Young’s game in college translating to the NBA. He fizzled down the college stretch and his shooting was too inconsistent for me. I then watched him in summer league where his shot was off and his frame seemed to frail. Going into the season, there was no way he’d be considered one of the top rookies in my book, however, he has certainly proved me wrong as he looks like he belongs. He finished Thursday night’s game with 23 points and 11 assists. 

Steve studied journalism and English, and now teaches high school in Northern Utah. He started his own website and writes about being a Tortured Jazz fan at: He joined the Salt City Hoops team at the start of the 2017-18 season to connect with more Jazz fans and to continue to apply his passion for writing and for basketball.

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Utah Jazz Tickets
Official Utah Jazz Tickets On Sale Now!

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Utah Jazz at Atlanta Hawks: Opponent Game Thread Highlights

moni , 2019-03-22 02:10:06
Utah Jazz Tickets

FYI I’ve been told the second half of the game thread often doesn’t show up when viewing these posts in the Twitter app’s reader mode.

Today’s Opponent Game Thread host: Peachtree Hoops.

I’m a Hawks fan first but I also like this Utah team.
Posted by huystyle86 on Mar 21, 2019 | 7:29 PM

me too.
Posted by drmaryb on Mar 21, 2019 | 7:29 PM

They are fun. Good challenge for the Hawks’ surging offense
Posted by NajehDavenpoop on Mar 21, 2019 | 7:31 PM

They just did a tribute video for Kyle Korver. I wonder if Thabo will get one too.
Posted by huystyle86 on Mar 21, 2019 | 7:50 PM

The most underrated utility guy in Hawks history.
Posted by Edwin G on Mar 21, 2019 | 7:51 PM

Yeah I always liked Thabo even though he couldn’t shoot
One of the best perimeter defenders I can remember suiting up for this team, before the NYPD broke his ankle anyway.

Posted by NajehDavenpoop on Mar 21, 2019 | 7:54 PM

Also had an amazing feel for the game.
Very smart player.

Posted by Edwin G on Mar 21, 2019 | 7:54 PM

Spida is DWade 2.0.
Posted by Sautee on Mar 21, 2019 | 7:51 PM

Favors is nice however, he is exactly the type of player I don’t want, from the lottery. Sorry, Ga. tech fans. boring. no swag.
we need fire! For the A!!! enthusiasm

Posted by drmaryb on Mar 21, 2019 | 8:04 PM

Bah Wah! Jazz didn’t get to their rooms until 3:00 AM ET. violins
Posted by drmaryb on Mar 21, 2019 | 8:28 PM

No video for Sefolosia? That ain’t right.
Posted by spice lover on Mar 21, 2019 | 8:37 PM

All in all a really good half against a quality team
Posted by NajehDavenpoop on Mar 21, 2019 | 8:35 PM

Bazemore ballhandling

Posted by waltbellamy on Mar 21, 2019 | 9:10 PM

Hawks tanking
Posted by NajehDavenpoop on Mar 21, 2019 | 9:11 PM

“Hawks tanking” =
“Bazemore ballhandling”

Posted by waltbellamy on Mar 21, 2019 | 9:14 PM

I forgot how much I missed the sound of a Korver 3
Posted by Edwin G on Mar 21, 2019 | 9:18 PM

That looks and sounds like a very good crowd on TV (for a weekday home game against a not marquee opponent anyway)
Wonder if anyone at the arena can confirm.

Posted by NajehDavenpoop on Mar 21, 2019 | 9:55 PM

I can somewhat confirm. Atmosphere is better than most. Saw a good number of Donovan Mitchell jerseys.
Posted by huystyle86 on Mar 21, 2019 | 9:57 PM

Vince with a valiant tanking effort, but alas in vain
Posted by NajehDavenpoop on Mar 21, 2019 | 10:04 PM

Today’s Opponent Game Thread host: Atlanta Hawks Reddit.

Gonna be in attendance what should I do

Definitely dont yell racisms

Utah knows nothing ab jazz, they actually only have the name because they used to play in Saont Louis, a city that had a strong influence over the development of jazz music.

In b4 Rudy Gobert wrecks our shit.
The list of players I’d rather have than him on this roster is very short.

Why do the Jazz Uniforms look like they been dipped in Pollen?

Utah are wearing the Green’n’Gold of Australia out of respect of Jingle Bells over there. The wattle is a national flower icon of our people.

Thabo’s hair do is like that from the Rock Band Living Colour.

Anyone that lives in Utah has a beard and lives in a log cabin.

This is one of those games where we can’t miss from 3 in the first half and then can’t buy a three in the second half.

Lmfao Huerter stands there with his arms down and Mitchell runs next to him and pretends to get shot. I hate the NBA sometimes


I love whistles. More whistles would make this game more fun.

Korver gonna hurt us tonight 🙁

LP needs to sit Trae down lol he wants to duel Mitchell and he doesn’t have it tonight.

Main takeaway from this game… I miss Kyle 😭

Fuck jae chowdah


Huge thanks from the West playoff teams

Utah Jazz Tickets
Official Utah Jazz Tickets On Sale Now!

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