Utah Jazz Tickets

Relive Michael Jordan’s sixth championship run with the Chicago Bulls in the 1997-1998 NBA season.

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Utah Jazz Tickets
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46 replies
  1. LookFeelBeHealthy
    LookFeelBeHealthy says:

    Best ever. UN-arguably. NO debate. I'm so sick of the spots stations creating the false narrative of the so-called arguments of the people who so-called disagree. And anyone who genuinely disagrees, I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt that he/she isn't old enough to have watched Jordan in his prime for long enough.

  2. Tom Lambropoulos
    Tom Lambropoulos says:

    Tired of hearing that Jordan had a stacked team. Pippen was made by Jordan. He was an average player at best with Houston & Portland after his departure from MJ. Rodman was not even close to the player he was with the pistons and was about 36. When Jordan took the court it was 2 on 5. Longley, Rodman and Harper were non offensive threats and took for Kerr or Kukoc to come off the bench to help with that. Imagine anyone today even Lebum with that supporting cast and win 3 in a row and probably should have won in 98-99 with a short season due to the lock out. The 8th seeded knicks made the finals that year. He didnt have to pass to make players better his sheer presence did that instead. He made all those guys look 10 X better than what they were. Just look at what became of them all when he retired lol.

  3. Arvis
    Arvis says:

    ESPN and Stephen A officially out of material, i didn’t believe this day will come and thought Stephen A gonna compare LJ to MJ for the whole eternity if necessary xD

  4. jeffness88
    jeffness88 says:

    if you really know basketball every time MJ makes a move you'll see how solid his basketball foundation. From his footwork, dribbling and body movements, his shooting form all of it looks cool and beautiful. He doesn't do fancy exhibition dribble like today but still his form when dribbling, driving and scoring is like a work of art + his signature 👅 😁😁

  5. Jose Marie Claros
    Jose Marie Claros says:

    im blessed to have witnessed mj playing in the 90s..today, kids only see plenty of 3s and free throws and flops and 3s and free throws and flops and 3s and free throws and flops!!too bad!!!

  6. jakkeday1
    jakkeday1 says:

    The edit doesn't even do him justice if you can believe it! Between his layup and hitting the game winner, Jordan actually stole the ball from Karl Malone. He anticipated the pass / play and double teamed him to take the ball and setup his winning shot – amazing!

  7. ManuVER Stronghold
    ManuVER Stronghold says:

    ESPN really knows how to get the attention of the people, they know no matter how old the highlights are as long as it's MJ it will be viral. But without Covid-19 they will try to put someone on top of MJ, desperate espn😂😂😂

  8. Tyler Viette
    Tyler Viette says:

    lol what a poster! no on was there…. lol 5:30 slow moed 2 up and unders lmao…. jordan dunks a baby dunk on the break "OH WHAT A MOVE!" like and picture what we see LeBron dealing with today.. LeBron will do 10 things that look cooler then what Jordan do in this whole video in one game but the commentators are afraid to just call it how they see it. but u know what the crazy good thing is about god, and facts? you cant escape either of them. And one fact that people must face in this lifetime is that Lebron James is the greatest man to ever play the game of basketball.

  9. bloody_outlaw
    bloody_outlaw says:

    they weren't suppose to win that season but thats what defines MJ to the other all time great athletes ..he carried the bulls to their 6th title not because he had anything to prove but because he is michael freaking jordan and he must win no matter what

  10. Samoa Moni
    Samoa Moni says:

    MJ: I need to take charge and inspire my teammates to do better and win championships.
    Lebron: If I cant’t win in Cleveland, I’ll jump ship and go to Miami. If I can’t 3-peat in Miami, I’ll go back to Cleveland. I can’t win anymore in Cleveland, I’ll jump ship and go to LA. Heck, coronavirus got in the way of my plans.

  11. elwingy
    elwingy says:

    Keep in mind that back then teams played actual defense… which is why you'd rarely see final scores go above 100points. Keep in mind that MJ dropped 30/40/50 points in these conditions… if he played today he would easily average 45 points per game… and that is not just me saying but a ton of coaches players and analysts… no comparison with the GOAT…


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