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Brian Windhorst reported the bad news about the chinese basketball having issues with testing when it tried to come back. They had a quick shutdown.

Baxter Holmes is reporting the possibility of quick testing that could be a great sign for the return of the league.

Adam Silver says that we won’t know anything until may first.

When does nba basketball come back? Will the NBA season be cancelled?

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  1. Lee Christensen
    Lee Christensen says:

    The NBA returning honestly depends on time, which we're rapidly running out of. Things won't return to normal until there's a vaccine, which will be some time, and because of that, I don't think the season will be resuming. I hope I'm wrong, stay safe everyone!!

  2. sample the planet
    sample the planet says:

    Take all the nba to California. Isolate the players in the lakers, clippers, warriors and kings stadium and have all the games go on there. These players are on million dollar contracts and I know it would be hard for them but they need to do their job. Have a more consistent schedule and finish the season in one to two months time. That’s my take.


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