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Tim Duncan’s monster night (21p/20r/10a/8b) leads the Spurs to victory in Game 6 of the 2003 #NBAFinals!

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  1. Matt Maberry
    Matt Maberry says:

    NBA: Please fix this! It has been known since this game was played – Tim Duncan should have recorded a quadruple double. There were two mis-recorded blocks. There's literally nothing stopping you from correcting the box score!!

  2. 4747da
    4747da says:

    After watching this, and the 05' finals…. Man the game has changed. I appreciate the effort, grit, but the offences are just miserable. Richard jefferson, at the peak of how athletic ability, can't go one on one because Aaron Williams and canyon Martin are stuck at the low post…. Absurd. Every now and than you get a glimpse of a someone kicking out to a three point shooter, and you say to yourself, how could they not see that this is the way to go?? No wonder the spurs won three out of seven finals that era. Tim absolutely ran the offence. Made smart plays, and could score when needed. Not to mention his defence. But these teams wouldn't last in today's game. Not playing likd that. And indeed, the spurs last ring, they completely changed the way they played. There's no resemblance.

  3. jxn23
    jxn23 says:

    With the release of the last dance coming up, I hope NBA shows some Bulls games from the 1998 season like
    Game 2 v Indiana conference finals MJ 41.
    MJ’s last game in New York wearing Air Jordan 1 – 42 points
    MJ’s last game against Barkley, Drexler and Hakeem in Houston – 40 points
    MJ v Kobe in Los Angeles February 1998
    MJ v Glen Rice duel game 5 Eastern conference semifinals
    Game winner v Hawks February 1998

  4. TooMas Sauce
    TooMas Sauce says:

    I can see why the Spurs were eying Jason Kidd after this game. He and RJ were playing their hearts out this game and Tony Parker was awful. Ig they both ended up winners since tony became much better and won 3 more ring while Kidd won his own in Dallas


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