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Take a look back at Carmelo Anthony’s TOP PLAYS from the last 5 seasons! Tell us what your favorite plays were below!

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Utah Jazz Tickets
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44 replies
  1. Bobby Fisher
    Bobby Fisher says:

    How did the Easter game from 2012 against the bulls not make it…. dude sent the game into overtime and then won the game on insane three pointers and had something like 45 on the night. One of the best performances I’ve ever seen

  2. Almoghar19
    Almoghar19 says:

    I feel like the editor of this didnt really put that much of hard work on this stuff. at least one play i saw twice, alot of plays from the same game(its a span of 5 years im sure they could have made the array of games more diverse). some of the footage were low quality(knicks games vs Heat) some of the buckets were cut just a split second before he shoot so what exatcly did we see here?
    and the worst part is the fact that they alot of boring layups or simple jumpers. i get that its a 25 min mixtape of melo but he is an exciting player who deserves much more then this thing which you can obviously see the guy who made it wasnt in the mood for it.

  3. peter coles
    peter coles says:

    It's incredible that people are still saying his game is not up to the NBA level. He is tough in the post to guard. The Lakers should have picked him up, he would fit on perfect off the bench.

  4. NWA 732
    NWA 732 says:

    Had love for melo trade happened in Cleveland cavs don’t lose 2017 & 18 (definitely not 17). 5: kyrie, jr, bron , melo and Thompson! Shidddd…. melo given draymond 30 ez

  5. Mike Callan
    Mike Callan says:

    No reaction use to compare to The Garden. I miss being able to afford tix, now you couldn't pay me to go. Just a stadium full of upper class, paying top dollar for a team who hasn't had an identity in years. Dolan is a cancer, capitalizing on a major market. Some say I'm not a "fan" anymore. How can one support a "team" that annually overhauls players, management and coaching staff? The Knicks are just floating jerseys, cycling through different numbers.


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