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NBA2K Players Tournament | Fun Moments

Check out some of the funniest and memorable moments from the entire first round of the NBA2K Players tournament! #NBA2KTourney

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Utah Jazz Tickets
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38 replies
  1. Digital Gravity
    Digital Gravity says:

    It’s understandable when they celebrate because that’s their job but those 2k gamers from 2k league? Bruh it’s fucking stupid knowing every 2k gamers that has 90+ overall can make their MyPlayer do crazy shit. It’s the fucking overall and not fucking skills lmfao.

  2. YeeSoest
    YeeSoest says:

    In other sports they have special terms for guys who are only in it to stop others, not do anything themselves. That's Beverley, gave him his entire career! Just really annoying to hear the same first grade level of "bully logic" from a grown man.
    "Giannis is a cheat code"
    "I'm playing, just call me a cheat code"
    Nah, that makes you a cheater or a cheat code abuser…or dependent on cheat codes…but not a legend and not a cheat code^^


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