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Whenever the Jazz get back should they look at trading Rudy Gobert or Mike Conley?

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  1. Lee Christensen
    Lee Christensen says:

    First: Mike Conley IS the scorer we wanted and is perfect for this team.
    Second: It IS on Gobert, he isn't a pick and pop he's a pick and lob, give it time and it'll be amazing.
    Third: The Jazz team needs to just suck it the fuck up and play together to win a championship because as presently constructed, they are a championship team, let it go and be professional for fuck sakes!!

    Sorry for the f bombs I usually don't do that, I'm just irritated with all this childish shit about the coronavirus and Rudy Gobert…

  2. steve combs
    steve combs says:

    Your speculation is idiotic I have no interest in somebody trying to take something that we all have a lot of pride in away from us just because you don't like what's happened in the last few weeks. We have a great team just because you don't believe that we do doesn't mean the rest of us don't so I'll keep my faith in this team because it's an Escape from all the crap is going on around us all you're doing is introducing negativity into the fans out here I'm glad you don't have very many look Sears as for me this will be my last visit to your website

  3. Terry Chapman
    Terry Chapman says:

    As a Jazz fan, I LOVE your enthusiasm. But also, as a Jazz fan, the idea of trading Rudy is fucking bonkers! Rudy and Donovan are professionals. They aren’t egos. They will work this out. I agree that Conley needs to go if the chemistry isn’t there. But Rudy? No. He’s our Anchor, man. They are a duo. He stays. When he’s not with us, we play SIGNIFICANTLY worse. Remember that!

  4. Savvy D
    Savvy D says:

    The utah jazz should stay home, keep social distance, and wash their hands like they have ocd with a conscious effort to not touch their face. That's what they should do.

  5. Jesky W
    Jesky W says:

    The jazz are fine. Rudy and Donovan don’t have a huge issue. Small frustration. It’s gonna be okay and everyone is being stupid saying our team is ruined. I just don’t understand why people think chemistry is ruined. Listen to joe and what the players are saying. We’re known for having good chemistry and a stupid virus from a player is not gonna change it. Donovan probably would have been infected regardless. It’s all just stupid to me that people actually think we’re ruined


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