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With everything going on for the Utah Jazz between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, what happens when basketball eventually comes back?

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  1. B B
    B B says:

    You going to trade Rudy that's crazy 😂 without Rudy we are garbage like really bad trade Rudy for another big crazy shit Don is good but Rudy is just better

  2. Swof
    Swof says:

    If Donovan is our best player he’s gonna need to get a whole lot better. Gobert is better than him and we are so much worse without Gobert. Mitchell is great and I’d agree with keeping him long term over Gobert but Mitchell has some real consistency issues he needs to work on

  3. B Mac
    B Mac says:

    If rudy is traded I'm done with the Jazz. As much as I love Don he is more likely to want to leave and request a trade in the future. Gobert will retire here if the Jazz show no bias.

  4. McKay Ferre
    McKay Ferre says:

    The jazz are gonna keep both, and the two players will talk it out and be fine. Donavan Mitchell isn’t the kind of guy to hold a grudge on a guy, especially when it wasn’t Rudy’s fault. They’ll be fine

  5. KCUtah
    KCUtah says:

    To me, it feels like a rock band having a rift. Rudy is the talented songwriter that gets critical acclaim (DPOY x 2, all nba 3rd team), but less popular on the overall NBA fan base (not very high on the all-star fan voting). Donovan is the front man/lead singer that is popular among the fans, has his own shoe, etc.
    Maybe Team USA losing to both Australia and France caused some tension.

    I hope whatever the issues can be resolved and they can build a legacy, and bring a championship to Utah.
    Maybe someone can make a video compilation of former Jazz-players who left and had less successful careers than when they were with the Jazz.

  6. Lee Christensen
    Lee Christensen says:

    The Jazz wouldn't play the Lakers in the WCF if the playoffs started as is. It would be the second round. Also, I think Tony Bradley will take Rudy's spot unfortunately… Because he's better offensively and can progress defensively. Hopefully Donovan Mitchell and Rudy can get over this shit and stop being immature…

  7. swensation55
    swensation55 says:

    Us Jazz fans were utterly spoiled to have Karl Malone and John Stockton play in Utah as long as they did and so part of us hope and think at times that it will be like that again with Mitchell and Gobert, but we have to remember that the modern NBA just doesn't work that way. Even large market teams lose their best players if another large market team offers more money and/or gives them a better chance to win. Still, I don't want to freak out too much about the drama between these two just yet. Before Rudy tested positive and served as a scapegoat for his ill advised behavior, I knew of no major locker room drama going on between the two of them. Therefore, if something like this is going to be impossible to fix moving forward, then Mitchell and Gobert never had a strong relationship to begin with. Times like this they need to ask themselves, why would it be any better with other people in this league? Not only did Shaq and Kobe butt heads a lot behind the scenes, but so did MJ and Pippen occasionally. KD also felt slighted by the Warriors too even though he made them nearly impossible to beat at full strength. You know what would be really great right now for the Jazz organization? Have Deron Williams come in and talk some sense into them! He himself admit that he would do a lot of things different if he could go back and start fresh. Feeding your ego is only going to bite you in the backside if you go down that path!

  8. Jonathan Colton
    Jonathan Colton says:

    Rudy isn't worth SUPER-MAX in today's NBA, and honestly not in yesterday's NBA. In the last 30 years, there are only 2 DPOYs worth a MAX contract, one is Kwahi Leonard and the other is Hakeem Olajuwon. If Rudy thinks that he is a SUPER-MAX franchise player, his agent is lying to him, and Rudy is lying to himself. I can't believe that he's delusional. That being said, you lose Rudy and the Jazz are not a top 15 defensive team in the league and most likely in the lottery next season.

    What I think will happen after this season (and it's too early to talk about this):

    1. Rudy and Donovan will work it out. It makes too much sense on the basketball floor for them not to. With this time off, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Quin Snyder comes back with a couple of small tweaks that are game-changers for our schemes.
    2. The Jazz will find another Gobert/Donovan Mitchell caliber player in the draft ( probably a defensive-minded small forward – my eye is on Deni Avdija and Precious Achiuwa.
    3. Mike Conley takes the next year in his contract and the Jazz move him to Cleveland with Ed Davis in exchange for Kevin Love and Larry Nance Jr. (Dennis loses a future 1st in this deal).

    C- Gobert, Nance – Bradley
    PF- KLove, O'Neale – Niang
    SF- Bogdanovic, Achiuwa – Brantley
    SG – J. Ingles, J. Clarkson – Oni
    PG – D. Mitchell, E. Mudiay


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