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Seth Wickersham joins Mike Greenberg to detail the split between Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots, with Brady now signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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31 replies
  1. John Black
    John Black says:

    No Regrets on either side. Anyone can be replaced and some with more difficulty than others. That means Bill can be replaced too. Kraft can also be replaced. When you start thinking you all that and smell yourself. Stop and reflect on next man or woman up.

  2. Logan Ferguson
    Logan Ferguson says:

    I'm not a Pats fan. I was a 49ers fan as a kid, and Montana was my idol. I switched to my homestate Chiefs when he conveniently got traded there, because I felt like it was a betrayal by management and Siefert. Well… both KC and SF almost made it to the Super Bowl the next season, so they were both right, and wrong. The difference here is… I don't see a Steve Young on New England's roster. And not to say we knew Young was a future HoF player when Joe got traded. But we knew he was pretty good. Still nothing like that with NE.

  3. Scott Gibson
    Scott Gibson says:

    I work in a technical field and I have had many of my fellow techs leave for greener pastures. When I talk to them a year of so later they often say the only thing that's different is they got a raise. The NFL is a ruthless business and if you are looking for a warm caring winning coach you will never find it. Its sad that Tom is going to end his career playing for a second rate team in a second rate sports market. Tom you will always be loved in NE. Thanks for 20 great years.

  4. DhowTo
    DhowTo says:

    No owner nor team is loyal to players. If I were a player, I would never be loyal to a team or owner. The NFL, the owners, & Roger Goodell made it 100% clear they care nothing for the players when they proposed a 17 game regular season.

    Hand washing.
    Social distancing.
    24 hour shelter in place.

  5. andri marpaung
    andri marpaung says:

    Bill Belichick came from a defensive side (yes he started as a TE coach but overall he is a defensive guy) he refused to be dependent towards his Quarterback (and to his defense he actually had a fair results with Cassell, Garoppollo and Brisset) and being not only the head coach but also a de facto GM of the Patriots he also rejects the idea of Quarterback having any sort of input in personnel matters (like suggesting to trade / sign for a specific offensive player) and obviously being both a head coach and a GM he obviously thinks that it his system that made it all happen and even Tom Brady is expandable in that system

    Meanwhile i think what Brady ultimately wanted is better offensive support that enables him to compete more in the NFL, he's 43 now, he is not getting younger and obviously he needed support more than ever in his career, look at last season his team is atrocious, very bad OL, no WR other than Edelman, no capable RB, no TE the list is goes on

    Belichick can't compromise his ideology and system, on the other hand Tom Brady don't have much time left so it's understandable to me why Brady choose to continue his career in Tampa, they have plenty of offensive skill player, they have a good defense, their coach is a Quarterback friendly coach, if Tampa can improve their OL and if Brady can added a much needed stability and leadership in that team, i can see that Brady make the right decision

  6. Patrick Kealy
    Patrick Kealy says:

    Belichick was in the exact same dilema that Bill Walsh found himself in with Joe Montana. Walsh was a genius and was fully aware of the subtle signs that Montana was not going to be a productive QB for much longer. He made plans to slowly edge Montana aside and that was the reason why he brought in Steve Young. Belichick more than any other person, even Brady himself, could see that he was slowing down and that his time with the Patriots was coming to an end. Thats the reason why he didnt offer Brady the extenion he desired. For better or for worst Belichick made his decision and time will tell the outcome.

  7. Led Entertainment
    Led Entertainment says:

    Bill did what parents would do to protect their children, in this case the Patriots organization. He knew Brady is passed his prime, he's looking to train someone else to get the team to SuperBowl again.

  8. Fred Dukeduong
    Fred Dukeduong says:

    Bellicheat should be grateful he had brady. You know how hard it is to find a great QB like that who is also a professional off the field? When you have someone like that you hold onto until the wheels fall off. Bill really messed up on this one. I bet u Bill won’t be winning back to back SB let alone any anymore. How he handled Tom is his nail on the coffin. What elite players would want to come to NE now?

  9. Shaka Zulu
    Shaka Zulu says:

    Enough with the fake stories. There never was a rift so stop pushing stories for the simple minded who still believe it. Brady wanted to move on and so did the Patriots. As great as he was Brady doesn't make or break the team. The Team will keep playing with or without him. This is nothing more than a simple business deal people, blown out of proportion. Brady definitely earned the right to move on and play in a different system on a different team. He will always be in our hearts but it's time we moved on and rebuild our team.

  10. Rich83
    Rich83 says:

    How pathetic that they let him walk. What's the worst that would have happened if you kept him for 2 years? 2 AFC east championships and 1 SuperBowl?

  11. James Luman
    James Luman says:

    We should all assume, no you should not that's the problem with all you reporters today in all genres you assume whatever it is you thinking to be the fact so you spread rumors


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