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Steph Curry knocks down 12 threes, including the deep game-winner, as the Golden State Warriors visit the Oklahoma City Thunder in an instant classic on February 27, 2016.

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Utah Jazz Tickets
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39 replies
  1. Argie de Leon
    Argie de Leon says:

    Commentator: Curry great shot, clap your hands but stick with the game plan that shot is not going to beat you…. then Steph goes for a game winning 3 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Payton Jameson
    Payton Jameson says:

    what a phenomenal defensive effort. they suffocated the floor by leaving roberson and ibaka and spaced the floor on offense with the threat of 3pt shooting and driving to the basket to create seams.

  3. Mr. Bovine Joni
    Mr. Bovine Joni says:

    This game is a game I will remember for my entire life. Other than the first game I tuned into on my own as a kid this is the game that will always mean something to me. I was 26 about 10 months removed from hip surgery. I had been paying attention to the warriors because I'm a sports fan and what they were doing was insane. Around this time I got my grandma to watch a couple warriors games with me and she fell in love. She's not even a sports fan. I had to get my "medicine" this night and was running late to get back to her house. When I got there she had a look on her face that let me know they weren't playing well. I went into the kitchen poured her drink, poured my drink, went outside sparked my "medicine", came back in at around 6 minutes left. We were both on the edge of our seats for the rest of the game. Then in overtime obviously Steph hit that shot and when it went in my 75 year old grandmother, who has arthritis in almost every place imaginable, and who had polio for sometime before there was a cure, jumped out of her seat faster than I could. It was an unreal moment for me, even her little Yorkie went crazy. We watched every warriors game together for the rest of that season and the next 3 years. By the way before the comments come. No I didn't and don't live with her but she does happen to live two houses down from me which is a blessing. Peace

  4. SportNut
    SportNut says:

    12 of 16 on 3s with double teams? Why the fuck do people disrespect him like he couldn't win with KD? Yet they praise Westbrook and Harden as if they are better players! Come on!


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