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A message from Donovan Mitchell
Utah Jazz Tickets
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  1. bird man
    bird man says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the shade woj and others are throwing at Rudy is bs but hope everyone recovers soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Freckley
    Freckley says:

    we all on video games now lol. if anyone wants to trade $80 for $100 US amazon gift card hmu~ i need some cash & only through paypal. i have all the info on ebay and letgo just to prove im not scamming but i can't do a damn thing with the card. (no, you will not get the code first. only after the payment has gone through. i'll be in a discord chat or call me)

  3. Nikhil Autar
    Nikhil Autar says:

    Thanks for this Donovan. His message is absolutely correct. Even though he, and many young people may have lower rates of death, what really lifts mortality rates is when hospitals are overwhelmed.
    Italy has seen 2158 deaths in 4907 closed cases – that's a 44% mortality rate. Though this number is definitely skewed by limitations to tests, and the fact that it takes a while for cases to be closed, the reason why is because hospitals are being overwhelmed. Doctors are having to tell 65+ year olds and transplant/cancer patients like me that they can't help them.
    And the thing is – Italy has higher than average ICU beds per population. This is happening because people didn't listen and decided to go out to bars despite warnings. We may well be in that boat soon.

    I'm developing an affordable hospital bed alternative which could help mitigate complications due to coronavirus. But I've told my workers to go back to their garages and work from there and stay away from the office unless they absolutely need to. If you are in similar positions – even if it hurts the business/slows things down, please consider doing the same. If you can, and have it, take paid leave.
    But otherwise, don't go out to bars or clubs as it could keep YOU safe as well as hundreds of thousands of others.

    I'm a medical researcher who works in immunology – NikhilAutar.com/coronavirus for updates. And GetToSleepEasy.org/kickstarter to hear more about what we're doing.


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