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Pascal Siakam and the Toronto Raptors took care of Donovan Mitchell and the Utah Jazz. How’d it happen?

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  1. Jonathan Garduno
    Jonathan Garduno says:

    Games like these prove jazz won’t make it past the second maybe even first round. They play way too much iso ball, Mitchell takes horrible shots, and goberts lack of post game is gonna destroy them again in the playoffs.

  2. Jonathan Colton
    Jonathan Colton says:

    That Conley-Mitchell combo chemistry has to work for the Jazz to be a legit contender. Still waiting for that to happen. They were supposed to be the next Lillard-McCollum, the next Steph-Klay, the next ….. they just don't make each other better. They take turns not unlike Harden-Westbrook.

    I think Gobert got ejected for shoving a player right when the ref was between them.

  3. Rae Llaneta
    Rae Llaneta says:

    I really miss your podcast!! Your coverage on the NBA Finals last year was really entertaining!! Man, I wish you covered the Raps full time, your nice to listen to lol. No homo.

  4. The Nigh Guy
    The Nigh Guy says:

    Guess we better hold some layup drills at practice tomorrow like we are a high school team. Someone wake up Bogey cause he is sleepwalking out there. He has been a turnover machine. Bradley has been awesome

  5. Andrew Messer
    Andrew Messer says:

    Was anyone watching the Toronto broadcast sometime during the 4th quarter? One of their announcers was pissed at some jazz fans and sounded like he was about to throw fists lol.

  6. Goku Kakarot
    Goku Kakarot says:

    Rudy Gobert needs to start taking mid range 2's man, run the pick & roll, & I bet nobody would expect him to fake & go the other way for a mid range 2, meanwhile, Serge Ibaka is making 3's, the Jazz franchise has to give that some thought, & I'm not even done watching your video

  7. Hal Jordan
    Hal Jordan says:

    I'm giving this a down for you blowing Lowry. That dude isn't nice. He's a floppy bitch. Makes Harden look like a solid player. It makes me fuckin sick. Fuck Lowry and that bullshit he calls basketball.

  8. Jeff Berg
    Jeff Berg says:

    As you know dating back to last year I wanna see you guys get your first title. You are one of the best NBA franchises in history. That said let me take you thru the double ejection because our broadcast gave different info than yours. And yes I've watched them both. Yup fake news even in basketball.

    What we saw: OG and Rudy running up the court. Rudy grabs OG's arm twice at the far foul line to slow him up. OG responds INAPPROPRIATELY with an elbow. Rudy then tries to mow him down at the near foul line just like he did to Ibaka earlier in the game. A flagrant that I hope the league reviews. We got enough injured players. Then there was the meaningless pushes at the end of the play.

    The refs got to review all of this from the start and made absolutely the right call. If they'd called Rudy in the first place none of the rest of it happens they recognized that. OG definitely needed to get tossed for the elbow. And Rudy's attempted retaliation was the second thing that definitely required being tossed.

    Anyhoo. Hope y'all get Houston in the first round and smush that small ball nonsense. Then get Denver and KO them too. After that you're on your own cause, well, it's either Lebron and AD or Kawhi and PG and, well, good luck with that.

    Finally. To all y'all who roasted us mercilessly for losing to Lebron. How ya enjoying the guy who is five years past his prime?

  9. Stilez
    Stilez says:

    Haha, you're back!!
    Loved your coverage of the Raptors during last season's Playoffs. Always a solid recap. It was definitely a big character win for the Raptors tonight, on the road, B2B & down 3 key players/starters, but that championship DNA runs deep on this team & it has forever changed the franchise's culture.

  10. bakergames
    bakergames says:

    1. we win this game any other night the jazz took good shots in the first three quarters and just missed all of the wide open shots any other night those go down and we win the game. (we are the number one three point team in the league percentage wise and tonight we looked like the worst.)
    2. rudy gobert needs to get off his high horse ever since the allstar break he almost has this greater than thou attitude and its really affecting his play running the ball down the key for two missed layups in crunch time is not rudys job nor should it be. his defense has become wayyyyy weaker and he doesnt even look like hes trying on rebounds. His hands have improved since the beginning of his career but thats not saying much…. also if we give him the super max i will in fact hang myself.
    3. quin snyder is a dunce of a coach since December. (maybe even before then i just wasnt paying close attention until then.) and needs to figure it out.
    4. mike conley has been a stud lately his hustle and outlet passes have been stellar. (and his three has even looked good.)
    5. spida needs to stop playing hero ball in the fourth on off nights. its killed like three or more games for us. He also needs to shoot more mid range jumpers and less push shots/floaters his floaters are just awful unless hes having a really good night.
    6. joe looked great.
    7. this is going to make people mad because they played well tonight but tony and "the minivan" are not viable players (tony might be if he continues this hustle hes had the last two games) niang might be the streakiest shooter ive ever seen one night he looks like steph the next shaq… i mean the dude is just way to inconsistent and hes pretty stagnant with the ball he has no real ability besides shooting catch and shoot threes. and tony (besides the last few games) is a good offensive re bounder but other than that cant do much he cant raise an eyebrow without getting a foul called on him he falls for every pump fake known to man its ridiculous.
    8. this is way too long but I have a lot of thoughts on this team RN.


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