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Rudy Gobert and Bojan Bogdanovic led the Utah Jazz past the Cleveland Cavaliers

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  1. Sullir
    Sullir says:

    I really liked what Quin did with substitutions this game. It was interesting to see how often Conley, O'Neale and Ingles were being interchanged. The players all looked like they knew what they were doing, and everyone ended up being productive. I think we can officially say they can start any of those three players or bring them from the bench with no serious issues.

    As for the game, sure, Cavs let Jazz do whatever they wanted especially with Rudy in the paint. Gobert shouldn't expect it to be this easy against every team. Good teams, and well coached teams will make it much more difficult for him.

    Now that I'm not worried about the lineup/lineups the Jazz can use, the only real issue is defense. On that topic, I felt like I saw a lot more energy on that side of the floor, and there were individual defensive plays made by non-Gobert players–saw the same thing against the Wizards–and I tend to think it's a good sign. Non-Gobert players need to try and play D the way Quin wants them to, but also go the extra mile to make defensive things happen at the same time. The Jazz need to come away with more steals and turnovers in general.

    The Jazz Won't give Rudy the SuperMax just yet. They have him in contract for another season, and the timing of how they execute this is pretty important. They are waiting for the time they can have everyone in contract and all in the cap space before they exercise bird rights and go into luxury tax. When this happens, the cap space will be much harder to finagle around. Expect Rudy and Donovan to get rookie-extention max and super max deals sometime next year at the same time when the timing is right. The Jazz just need to have fluidity in their cap space to make last minute moves from now until they are ready to cut the deal.

  2. Hal Jordan
    Hal Jordan says:

    Dude… Bojan killed it tonight. 28 pts 7 rebounds 6 assists and 5 3's… He's getting his groove back. He's a better defender at the 3 though… Idk why Quin keeps putting him on the 4… Put Royce on the damn 4.

  3. McKay Brown
    McKay Brown says:

    They should give rudy a couple of sky hook post ups a game. Sounds crazy but I just wanna see if that opens Rudy’s game. He needs to use that shot against Houston especially but haha idk if it would work. Don’t know till we try it

  4. Goku Kakarot
    Goku Kakarot says:

    Hansen James, I'm from Youngstown, Ohio, I was at that game.. The Cavs scared me in the 1st half, & Colin Sexton is a solid player every single game, but the Jazz's defense was better in the second half, they just need to put it in 1st gear


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