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Donovan Mitchell and the Utah Jazz took on the Dallas Mavericks without Luka Doncic and took care of them with relative ease

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  1. Jonathan Colton
    Jonathan Colton says:

    The scary part about Dallas is they aren't done. Their plans include adding a free agent or two this summer. They could add Drummond and play KP at the 4, or add Galinari or Bogdan Bogdanovic, or Goran Dragic – Dario Saric or Evan Fournier – basically next season's Mavs are going to be even harder to beat. Not to mention Doncic and KP will be a year better.

  2. Sullir
    Sullir says:

    Mitchell and Rudy carried the team to at one point being 2nd/3rd in the West during the point in the season when it mattered. Getting All Star recognition for those two players was a priority for the team and for the franchise. They are obviously tired and need a bit of a break for awhile. Let's not worry too much about it. The Jazz have other players that can carry the team for the time being. I'm sure our two best players will still contribute, but it's actually not a good strategy to heavy lift the whole 82 games. At least, that's what I think is going on with Donovan and Rudy.

  3. TwoPeterdPirate Yarg
    TwoPeterdPirate Yarg says:

    Was a good win. I’m still not liking Mitchell and Ingles running the point for long stretches. When Conley isn’t playing, Mudiay needs be on the floor. Mudiay stopped the big Mavs run. He came in and with Clarkson, built that lead back up. He gets taken out, lead disappears. Mudiay (Conley) should have been in there at the end of the game handling the ball. Glad we survived it, but rotations need to be tinkered with.

  4. zander labra
    zander labra says:

    I think u miss the game man.. It was jordan clarkson who takes care of dallas when the lead was cut down to 3. He also the top,scorer for utah and he has +17 i think and 25pts 5 reb 6 ast 1 blk to lead the jazz to their 3rd straight win. Donovan has 8 turnover and almost cost the game for utah down the stretch


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