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Watch as Trae Young records a CAREER-HIGH 18 dimes along with 39 PTS, 6 REB & 2 STL to lead the Hawks to a 127-117 win over the 76ers

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Utah Jazz Tickets
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39 replies
  1. Shawn Valverde
    Shawn Valverde says:

    lmao currys 7th year in the league which was his best year the year he averaged 30.1 points a game was his prime years lmao and trae young is averaging 30 a game in his 2nd year and he hasn’t even hit his prime yet 💀

  2. CiCLoDoL
    CiCLoDoL says:

    Trae Young's toxic fans are so disgusting. Always trying to mention Luka as soon as Trae pads some artificial stats. Deep down your heart you still want Luka on the Hawks, right? Tell me fans, you still want Doncic to be a superstar on your team.

  3. William Stephens
    William Stephens says:

    Damn!!! I was looking forward to Dallas vs Atlanta on Saturday ever since they released the schedule! I was excited because ol Luka only had to stay healthy for one more game and then, judgement day. Trae Young was about to get in the Mavs ass, but then I just read that, supposedly, Luka “sprained” his ankle at the end of practice Thursday. 😒 Luka Stans, tell ya boy to stop running! 😤

  4. Mastadick
    Mastadick says:

    Trae is awesome but its so sad what the league has become – there's just no defence anymore. And without proper defence the stakes seem low and the games relieved of any kind of tension.

  5. Animelytical
    Animelytical says:

    If Trae focuses on getting his team scoring around him, his team will win a lot more games. It's the path to that eventual Hawks vs Mavs finals.

    Basically, Trae needs to do his best to get 20 assists a night. Absurd number, but his team aren't getting shots on their own.

  6. MrTerrell966
    MrTerrell966 says:

    Hawks building through the draft and letting the young players learn from their mistakes. THis season isnt about wins and losses. Its about development. Give this team a few years, and some good vets, and watch out..


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