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Utah Jazz reach 10 straight wins and 15 wins out of their last 16 games! On the back of Joe’s offense and Rudy’s defense, the Jazz distanced themselves early from the Nets. We break down the ins and outs of the game, as well as the key takeaways and questions.

Jabber Jazz Game Recap of the Utah Jazz vs Brooklyn Nets – January 14th, 2020
Utah Jazz Tickets
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  1. Gene R
    Gene R says:

    Jazz is just playing at an amazing level right now, offensively. On the other hand Rudy should not be left as the only best defensive player. The others should realize that they, too, equally have a part in forming a formidable defense. They should not challenge every shot with a raised hand but also to really challenge with the intent of blocking the shot and or steal the ball with determination needless to say.
    Go Jazz!!! 🤘


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