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The Denver Nuggets defeated the L.A. Clippers, 114-104. Nikola Jokic led the way for the Nuggets with 20 PTS, 15 REB and 6 AST in the victory, while Jamal Murray tallied 19 PTS and 4 REB. Kawhi Leonard tallied 30 PTS, 5 REB and 4 AST for the Clippers.

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29 replies
  1. Carlo Garcia
    Carlo Garcia says:

    How come whenever the Lakers lose it's all over Undisputed, First Thing's First and Speak for yourself? The Clippers lose and none of those guys are posting Clippers Lost segments.

  2. Antonio Tucker
    Antonio Tucker says:

    Denver is making a push towards the top again I'm not surprised at all about Nikola jokic and his playing style he has the knowledge and the tools to lead his team to capture the Western conference will they do that I'm not sure but expect the Denver nuggets to be at their best come playoff time ☝️🏀

  3. Dog World Online
    Dog World Online says:

    I think Clippers are seriously good. But Kawhi's load management might infect their regular season mentality. in the back of their minds they're like "it's just the regular season. wait until playoffs." they'll end up with a tougher playoffs schedule.

    The Anti-Clippers team is the Lakers who play EVERY game when healthy. The trick there is hitting the playoffs injury free.

  4. Terrence McHatten
    Terrence McHatten says:

    I'm just go say it… Kawhi had a better chance of winning another championship staying on Toronto. Clippers got Williams and Harrell coming off the bench but Raptors got Van Fleet and Ibaka that will cancel them out. Out the starters only one that can play at a high level consistently with Kawhi is Paul George but the Raptors got Lowry, Siakem, and Gasol that can play at a high level consistently. Clippers is not winning the championship this season.

  5. Fearless Kingdom
    Fearless Kingdom says:

    But people will say "They beat the Lakers twice"

    But they can't beat the teams the Lakers have dominated … Just like in 2016 when Golden State beat the Cavs 3 times during the regular season … Then In the finals the Cavs beat the Warriors in a history making way …

  6. tom hanks
    tom hanks says:

    Porter Jr needs more minutes and he'll become the Giannis stopper. Pray for this kids injury prone body and that he develops to be something special for basketball. His game is real nice and is a great finisher. Nuggets looking hella lethal out there.

  7. music41533
    music41533 says:

    I'm so confused as I watch this. The pace, the seemingly insanely short passing of time…

    It was mere seconds between scores. These teams should have scored at least 400 points each. Man…

  8. lydnar zenaby
    lydnar zenaby says:

    Man..the Clippers need at least 1 active center..theyre really lack of depth..still cudnt find their identity, barely hold on some winning streaks..needs to do at least 1 move before trade deadline..

  9. peeta 6010
    peeta 6010 says:

    Clippers still hasnt figure out the chemistry, and its already mid of the season. Hope they will figure out b4 the playoffs or else there something wrong with the coaching and old players!

  10. Rich Nun
    Rich Nun says:

    Clippers fans if your team does not win the chip this season, thank the load management player named Kawhi. He got your team to trade valuable assets and young talent for a PG, harkless and himself. Raptors were smart enough to know not to listen to him and give up siakim. Y'all team are not the warriors. No one on that team is steph, klay and Durant. Each of those players can drop 50 on a team in 3 quarters. Kawhi set y'all up. And when you get knocked out in the playoffs. First thing Kawhi is gonna say is this is still a process. Y'all done forgot that this ain't the east.


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