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The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Denver Nuggets, 105-96. Anthony Davis recorded 25 PTS and 10 REB for the Lakers, while LeBron James added 25 PTS, 6 REB and 9 AST. Jamal Murray tallied 22 PTS, 5 REB and 5 AST for the Nuggets.

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  1. solegemini03
    solegemini03 says:

    My takeaways on this game:
    Dwight: Really played well and still intimidating for opponents.
    Rondo: Much improved shooter and a big factor since he can rest Lebron at point position.
    Kuzma: His inexperience is showing as he looks lost most of the time. Needs to get stronger and hopefully improves and plays his role better.
    Bradley: Better than KCP so I hope he can continue what he started.
    KCP: Not as trash as people say but just an average player who is playing to his role. Still, Bradley is better.
    Mcgee: Not really good at defense. You can see that defense is much better when Dwight is playing. Good thing is that he is not a distraction to the team and Dwight needs to help on defense of the 2nd unit.
    Iggy: I hope they sign him. I think they still need 1 defensive wing off the bench. He also makes plays so thats a plus. 👍

  2. Exodus 2020
    Exodus 2020 says:

    Forget about the clippers the lakers are now officially lob city.ive never seen so many lob dunks in my life .as a matter of fact everytime the game got close they reverted back to lob easy dunks .thats all this team does

  3. John Minx
    John Minx says:

    beating a solid Denver team at home is impressive! this is a new revamped laker squad…on steroids…Big…Fast….Tall and most of all…powerful!!! this team will wear you down to the ground! Go Laker's!!!

  4. Naruto Boys
    Naruto Boys says:

    Once I saw them playing together in the preseason I knew there were ganna be a highlight team and have really good chemistry already. Especially with king James on the team. Amazing job by the lakers! ;P

  5. John Valdez
    John Valdez says:

    i told you the secret weapon howard is doing it all with what he is getting i think he is playing better than davis if they would feed him ball more which labron must be noticeing

  6. Wasabi Sushi
    Wasabi Sushi says:

    Before The Game –
    Lebron Haters "He and the Lakers can't beat Strong Teams."
    After The Game – Lakers Won Againts the Nuggets the second best team in the west
    Lebron Haters "The West is Weak!"
    Another Excuses?


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