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James Harden recorded 59 PTS and 9 AST for the Rockets, while Bradley Beal finished the night with 46 PTS, 6 REB 8 AST and 3 STL for the Wizards.
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  1. Boardman Getpaid
    Boardman Getpaid says:

    People gonna hate but this what 100% trust in ya shooter looks like take most of the shots get the defense attention throw dimes when they don’t expect it. Harden literally only shoots 3’s and drives for the 2 no mid ranges unless the clock is low

  2. KhmerD0g
    KhmerD0g says:

    Harden is selfish. He took too many shots to get 59 points. If I took that many shots I would have scored more than 59 points.
    He sucks and a ball huger.

    Bradley Beal is more efficient than James Harden which makes him better.


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