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The Utah Jazz came into the game against the Portland Trail Blazers hoping to improve their defense. Unfortunately they were met by a Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum who lit them up.

Donovan Mitchell had a nice night along with Joe Ingles, who is quietly having a great preseason, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Blazers.

Utah will have to improve in a lot of areas if they want to hit the win total they’ve been working towards this offseason.

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  1. swensation55
    swensation55 says:

    Like I said after they lost to the Bucks, this is the time to work out bug a boos. Bojan Bogdanovich is not going to be that awful every night, and the defense is going to get better over time too. I distinctly remember in the 2010-11 season they went 8-0 in the preseason but then out of the gate they stumbled early on in that regular season. Besides, even though we have a ton more talent now than last year, we also have a lot of new players to develop chemistry with one another. Either way, they're going to figure it out sooner or later (hopefully sooner) and when they do, they will be one of the scariest teams in the west! Mark my words! GO JAZZ!!!

  2. theseceret
    theseceret says:

    when people are this stupid, i cant help myself, i have to say something. if the jazz fo would just listen to me they would be stacking the champshit trophies already. is it really that hard to get a big man who can rebound and shoot? its been 5 or 6 years and they spend money on a shooting guard/ small forward who isn't even as good as the ones they already got, and they still don't have a big man who can do the basic job a powerfoward and shoot.

  3. Lee Christensen
    Lee Christensen says:

    Preseason, and in preseason you just look at parts of the game because you're just tightening up your rotations. Jazz went on a 32 to 13 run, that's what I saw and focus on. Rudy got tired, Bojan isn't making his shots. I'm excited for the regular season to start because they'll have that urgency.

  4. Elvis Zupan
    Elvis Zupan says:

    I love see that people are already concerned with Bojan Bogdanovic.This is how everything starts. Sometimes you need to give new players some time and yes last night was awful performance by Bojan. But guess what? Nobody is bigger critic of him than he is.He is holding himself for high standards and demands tons of himself.I have followed his career for 10-12 years and one thing is for sure.Bojan learns, adapts and becomes that beast again.Give him some space and hope he and Quinn will figure things out soon.


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