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** Ricky is still looking dreamy. MIN
** Rubio is incredibly nice to look at. DAL
** Rubio is a gorgeous man BKN

** Hey Rubio, how’s the search for the holy grail going? POR
** I didn’t even recognize Rubio. I thought somebody shrunk Steven Adams. SAC
** Ricky Rubio looks like he owns a vape shop BOS
** Looks like he’s been to multiple Dave Mathews concerts. BOS
** I feel like if he were in the army with you he’d save your life only to impregnate your wife and make you raise his child. BOS
** Ricky Rubio looks like he would meet you and your wife on a Mediterranean cruise and offer to teach you how to scuba but you would decline and go play bingo but forget your wallet and have to go back to the cabin and you catch him in bed with your wife and then it ruins your marriage and now Debra is married to a sexy European man and your kids never visit because they spend their summers in Barcelona and you live in a studio apartment downtown. IND
** Looking like a greasy Colin Farrel out there MIA
** dude looks like he smells like Marlboro lights and drakar noir SAS
** He looks like a GTA character SAS
** wannabe mafioso OKC
** When did Rubio start cosplaying as a Middle Earth dwarf? POR
** Ricky Rubio dressing up as one of the Euro villains in Die Hard (1988) LAL
** man-bun Jesus DEN
** Why does Rubio look like a guy you buy E from at Burning Man lol. GSW
** rubio looks like the bad guy in some vin diesel movie i watched once NYK
** Why rubio look like assassin’s creed bruh LAL
** Ricky Rubio is Jesus SAC
** Rubio looks like a poor mans Jared Leto circa 2006 HOU
** Fucking Rubio probably does doggystyle with his wife with himself in front – HOU

** Since when can Rubio shoot? TOR
** God, Rubio always turns into Curry against us. Every time. IND
** ricky rubio aka steph fucking curry what the hell IND
** When did Rubio all of a sudden learn to shoot? SAC
** I didn’t know we were playing Ricky “Michael Jordan” Rubio. SAC
** I see he is following the age old tradition of suddenly being able to shoot when playing the hornets CHA
** Ricky fucking Rubio is killing us MIA
** One of the worst shooters in the league is balling out against us lol. MIA
** He always goes off against us. SAS
** Ricky Rubio, Spurs killer SAS
** Rubio always fucking shoots like Curry against us. SAS
** Ricky Rubio has a broke jumper against every other team but goes off against us every time SAS
** Ricky freaking Rubio is murdering us from the 3 point line lol POR
** When did Rubio become Steph Curry? POR
** Not much you can do to defend a scoring beast like Ricky Rubio. POR
** Hahahaahaahahahahaha rubio is curry all of a sudden. Are you kidding me? OKC
** I think Rubio has made like 100 threes against us lol DEN
** Why Rubio always get hot vs us? DEN
** Bricky Ricky Rubio is nailing 3s… Its one of them days DEN
** I remember when Rubio couldn’t make a 3. Now I’ve never seen him miss against us POR
** Fucking Rubio, really? WHY CAN’T THEY MISS?! OKC
** A Rubio 3 is like the biggest insult OKC
** My piss has a better arc than Rubio’s 3 pt shot. GSW

** Damn Korver is adorable. CLE
** Korver looks like a Ken doll HOU
** The Jazz have a team full of punchable faces…excluding Korver LAL
** i want Korver 🙁 LAL
** Korver 🙁 ATL
** I miss him ATL
** I miss Kyle 🙁 ATL

** So Korver is gonna kill us right? CHA
** Korver killing us right now DEN
** I knew Korver was going to kill us DEN
** Korver is a blazer killer on the 3pt line POR

** Leave korver open good idea POR
** Who left Kyle fucking korver wide open LAL
** How lost do you have to be to let Korver wide open. LAL
** Fucking shit, stop leaving Korver wide open. LAC
** Leaving Korver open like that is suicide MIN
** Annnnd we leave Korver wide friggin open DEN
** Why the F are you ever leaving Korver DEN
** Hmm maybe guard Korver!?!?! DEN
** Just don’t guard Korver I guess. DEN
** Korver is open 24/7 DEN
— Not a smart idea. DEN
** Yeah, leave Korver alone to help DEN
** Don’t fucking help off Korver! DEN
** Just leave Korver over there by himself. Seems harmless. DEN
** You really leave Korver that wide open? MIN
** Ah yes leaving Korver wide open is a good strategy MIN
** Korver that wide open should be illegal MIN

** I fucking hate Kyle Korver so much CHA
** hey kyle korver, fuck you POR
** I’m sick of Korver lol DET
** gosh i hate Korver and his 3’s DEN
** I’ve always hated Kyle Corver DEN
** I hate Kyle Korver, he always just destroys us MIN
** Damn you Korver!!! DEN
** Fuck you Ashton DEN
** Fucking Kyle DEN
** fuckin Ashton Kutcher DEN
** I despise Kyle Korver MIN
** Fucking Korver MIN
** I hate Korver so much.. MIN

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