The Utah Jazz ran out of gas late against the Oklahoma City Thunder and lose a close one to end their 6-game winning streak.

Donovan Mitchell continues to be a star for the Jazz leading them with 31 points in the near win.

Russell Westbrook was huge for the Thunder with another triple double of 34p/13r/14a.


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  1. Eds kjops
    Eds kjops says:

    Games like this is when we need Joe Johnson down the stretch get the ball and score inside the paint on those iso designed plays he's so good using his body and strength and his experience to get to the rim hope he comes back soon. Also missing hood his shooting is big time for the jazz can't wait to see what this jazz team can do when all come back from injury

  2. Eds kjops
    Eds kjops says:

    I like it when the jazz run this lineup
    Pg- Mitchell/ Burke's
    Sg – Mitchell/Burke's
    SF – ingles
    Pf – jerebko
    C – favours (but since gobert is back he now can take that spot)

  3. shotoko1206
    shotoko1206 says:

    Few games after the season started, RR really was on another level. He was playing at an elite level. I thought that this maybe his breakout season, but for some reason he returned to his old form. He can’t shoot again in a respectable percentage. If he can’t make shots his pairing with Gobert will fail. In MIN, he was paired with Love, Kat, and Dieng in PnRs. Those players have a decent perimeter shooting. This allowed him to attack the basket and force defensive rotations. With Gobert, it’s only one direction – inside the restricted area. Defense will not give that inside position to Gobert, they will allow RR to take his shot. If RR can’t find his shooting he will be a liability to the team  … This is the reason the RR/Gobert pairing is not working. RR needs to be able to prove to the defense that he can score. This is also the reason he got a lot of TOs… Most of his TOs I believe were passes he tries to make under traffic after trying to attack. This is not really bad, if they have good spacing. If I where him, I will add some teardrops on my attacks. You can notice that he has a lot of room to release a shot, but his attack in the paint are finger rolls. Good if he got fouled, but more often than not, he will just going to dribble pass against a committed interior defense (as much as a bad shooter you can be, defense will not allow easy basket underneath). And not to knock RR down, his teammates needs to realize as well that they need to make themselves open so he can make those kick out passes easily than forcing bounce passes or skip passes to the bigs.

  4. Coco Buff
    Coco Buff says:

    Even before the injury, Gobert didn't look like his old self. Perhaps he was still suffering from that playoff injury. If we can get a little healthier and Gobert back to his old self, Mitchell's Jazzmen are a problem.

  5. Movie Muscle
    Movie Muscle says:

    OKC is still garbage. The Jazz just massively choked at the end. Gobert certainly didn't help. Couldn't grab a single rebound against Adams who certainly isn't anywhere close to a top 5 center. I would've loved for both teams to have 7-game winning streaks going into Thursday, but oh well. It's a back-to-back, and OKC is a good team at home….

  6. M Lester
    M Lester says:

    Donovan scores 31 points on 50% shooting on the road vs. a really good defensive team on the back end of a back-to-back game and yet he still doesn't get the credit he deserves on a national level. Nothing! If Lonzo or Tatum put up those numbers vs. OKC, it would be all over ESPN and FS1. Unbelievable. It's why I love Spida even more. He doesn't care; just goes out and plays at his max every game.

  7. Ken Sniffey JR
    Ken Sniffey JR says:

    You guys couldn't beat melo and company for us huh? Na lol tough back to back. I am not impressed with okc tbh…and melo will be there downfall if they don't tailor his minutes and make him take a third or fourth seat on his train.


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