As expected, December for the Utah Jazz has gotten tough.

The Jazz were outmatched against a Houston Rockets team that is on fire right now. Winners of their last seven, James Harden and Chris Paul picked up right where they left off and led the Rockets to victory.

For Utah, Donovan Mitchell dazzled again, even though his shot wasn’t falling as efficiently. He’s quickly becoming a media darling that has become a favorite for many of the national media.


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  1. Nicholas Lu
    Nicholas Lu says:

    Hey James. James Harden actually had a below expectation game last night. Without CP3 we would have lost to your Jazz, at least that's how I feel. That's the most impressive thing about the Rockets back court right now. CP3 is that stabilizing force for when Harden is not performing up to par.

  2. Pau Navarroginer
    Pau Navarroginer says:

    When Rudy tov 5 and Burks 3 the problem is RR ??
    If Neto can't defend CP3 , he is the solution ??he done whatever he wanted
    When Ingles is too tired , Burks and DM don't know how to organice .
    All and more are the problem , not RR
    It's a good team ,but very soon ,every things are new for them, never have been played together .

  3. Movie Muscle
    Movie Muscle says:

    Let me guess: a bunch of overreactions after losing to arguably the best team in the NBA. You shouldn’t expect close losses against the Rockets or Warriors. Aside from that massive choke job against OKC because of fatigue, they’re playing really well.

  4. FURBjr
    FURBjr says:

    If you are DL who do you shop for? We need a pg. Bad. Love the hustle of Neto but he's not a hof'r, rubio has his strengths, but he is a walking turnover factory. Exum is perpetually injured. My top three are 1. Kemba Walker [blow it up to get him (bye bye rudy, sorry)], keep favs + jingles + jerebko, shop hood (injuries); 2. Terry Rozier from the #Celtics, he good and is a louisville alum to go w/ SpidaMitch. I don't know what it takes to get him. #3 i don't know, Reggie Jackson. You said it yourself, jazz need 2 hall of famers and roll players that get better. D-Mitch could be a hof'r. Kemba Walker could be as well. #frustrated

  5. Enrique De la Torre Gil
    Enrique De la Torre Gil says:

    Thats the thing, Gobert and Favors can't play together and you cant neither leave them in the bench because they wanna be starters, so you got trade one of them or Ricky Rubio. But, honestly, no team would get Gobert … his salary is insane for a deffensive center and he is not as good to be a franchise leader.
    You have been always defending him but the fact is that, Donovan is the CHOOSEN ONE and you need to surround him with other players.
    Otherwise, It would be certainly easier to trade RR or Favors. And I am sure that they would get better number in stats (like Ricky did with the Wolves this year), but I am still thinking they are a great part of this team, and give more than some people may see.

  6. James McGilvary
    James McGilvary says:

    I rate Rubio, he does a lot of things that sadly don't show up on a stat sheet. Compare the opposition point guards time whilst being closely guarded. Also he is really effective on the close out. Yes he gets blown by a bit, but bball analytics says that's the right play as the long 2 hurts less than the 3.

    As for assists, the jazz play offence via committee. As such the assists are being shared. Average assists in a bball game is 40. So it's hard to get 10 + when you have 8 guys averaging above 3.5

  7. Gorka Garcia
    Gorka Garcia says:

    James, Rubio is not being properly utilized in this team. This is Point Wiggings all over again. Give him the ball, and let him run, and you will see an improvement. Forget about the shooting(even though he has not shot the ball too bad of late), the assist drout is what should be more alarming.

  8. ROB JOB
    ROB JOB says:

    I’m worried about Gobert because Favors is out playing him right now. I’m sure Gobert can figure it out but Mitchell and Favors duo is working smoother at this point.

  9. Ken Sniffey JR
    Ken Sniffey JR says:

    Anderson kills everyone, don't take it personal jazz fans. Everytime he plays the Knicks, he fuckin torches us. This team has no weaknesses and to me they are better than the warriors

  10. shotoko1206
    shotoko1206 says:

    Put RR and Favors with the 2nd unit. Pair Gobert with Donovan. The issue with RR and Gobert is that 1. Rubio is not a real treat on the perimeter (not sure what happened, he was improving to start the season) and Gobert cannot give RR the space to attack the basket. With Donovan, the defense needs to respect that this kid can hit from the outside and a good attacker. This will allow Gobert to have a better chance to position himself underneath. The RR and Favors worked a bit more successful, because favor can start from the perimeter this gives RR the space to operate.

  11. Ken Sniffey JR
    Ken Sniffey JR says:

    Yea rubio is a weakness, most definitely. Mitchell is starting to become a household name as well. And why does Dantoni leave his starters out there for every minute late in games when they are up big….fuckin hate that team man, especially hardens academy award acting.


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