The Utah Jazz started off hot after moving Donovan Mitchell to the starting lineup. Rodney Hood looked good coming off the bench and went to the line multiple times which was a welcome sign. The turning point in the game was Utah’s abysmal third quarter where they scored only 8 points.

But credit must also be given to the Miami Heat who got big shots from Dion Waiters and Goran Dragic who led the heat to a big win in Utah.


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  1. Brandon Tollison
    Brandon Tollison says:

    We definitely miss the depth that exum and joe Johnson provided. It is a little scary to think that we are only one bad Gobert injury away and our season is toast. Liked the lineup change last night tho.

  2. ArcticSlicer
    ArcticSlicer says:

    I think Mitchell in the starting lineup over Rodney Hood was the right move. This might have been a bad game for Ricky Rubio but I think Rubio and Mitchell together is a better combo than Mitchell and Hood or Rubio and Hood.

    Seems like Rubio really needs to be playing with guys who can run and cut; Hood, Ingles, Favors, and Gobert are not the best at that. The best players on the Jazz that can run and cut are Mitchell, Burks, and Sefolosha. Putting at least one of those guys in the starting lineup will help maximize Rubio's strengths. We now have Mitchell starting over Hood, maybe we also need to have Burks or Sefolosha starting over Ingels.

    I think the Jazz should be willing to mess with the starting lineup more because the one they have hasn't been working that great and I don't they have too much to lose by trying some different lineups at this point in the season to see what works.


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