The Utah Jazz played the Los Angeles Clippers hoping to keep their momentum after an impressive win against the Oklahoma City Thunder but fell short. For three quarters the team struggled to hit shots, especially Donovan Mitchell, who’s shot has inexplicably not fallen to start the year.

Blake Griffin looked like a legitimate MVP candidate while Patrick Beverly and Austin Rivers were lights out. All of this added up to a frustrating loss for the Jazz.

The silver lining was in the fourth quarter where Donovan Mitchell seemed to break through his slump. At one point, Mitchell hit three three pointers in a row and the Clippers lead was cut to 7 until the Clippers ended the run.


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  1. bdpjumbi
    bdpjumbi says:

    Clips fan here. Good read on the game. It was a fun one with crazy runs. Clips are very underrated this year. Lots of teams have new players this season and we are seeing lots of surprising results early on here. I have the Clips as the 5 seed and Jazz as 9th in an ultra-tough West. An average year and they both would be about two spots higher.

  2. Justin Beagley
    Justin Beagley says:

    Our entire offense seems hesitant to take shots, and it's incredibly frustrating. Especially given that the only ones who don't hesitate are rubio, mitchell and favors. Favors is a great shooter, so i'm not bothered by that at all. And i want rubio and mitchell to shoot when they feel they have a good shot… but they're not our best shooters… and our best shooters seem to by shying away from being our go-to shooter… Ingles was already yelled at, and told to be taking at least 9 3's a game. I think quin needs to tell Gobert, Ingles, Hood, and Burks that their shot attempts need to increase.

  3. Jonathan Colton
    Jonathan Colton says:

    If you had told me that the Jazz would hold the Clippers to 34% 3 point shooting, and the Clips would hit 66% from the free throw line – in a game where Rudy had 3 blocks, and Udoh has 4 – I'd assume Jazz win.

    You said it though, the Jazz shot 7-28 from behind the arc. And that has nothing to do with the Clippers defense, we just missed wide open looks. When the Warriors 3 pointers aren't going in – that's when they lose too. Hopefully, we can get some laser like focus against the Suns, and then keep it over the next 10 games.


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