All of a sudden Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell are starting to gel for the Utah Jazz. Both had stretches during their game with the Toronto Raptors where they were dominant. Mitchell with his offensive flourishes and Gobert bullying players down low.

Ricky Rubio was phenomenal tonight setting up players, getting rebounds and hitting shots, including the game winner.

Derrick Favors played great and showed incredible heart. Whatever happens up until trade deadline, Derrick Favors has been an incredible part of this team and city. Thank you, Derrick.

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  1. Pau Navarroginer
    Pau Navarroginer says:

    Stop talking about Dante Exum ,enough .
    Don't lie , you didn't see the match in live : what ? What connection DM with Rudy , what ? please m see the game before. There were two great players : DM and Ricky . This is the " connection " that is increasing , this .


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