The Utah Jazz put on a clinic against the Golden State Warriors. Ricky Rubio was incredible scoring 23 points and dishing 11 assists. Even more remarkable might have been his defense against Stephen Curry who only scored 14 points.

Joe Ingles is absolutely out of his slump and hitting threes with prolificity! (hows that for word choice)

Finally, Donovan Mitchell was incredible again on his way to a rookie of the year season with 20 points, 4 assists and 4 steals.

All of a sudden that’s 3 in the row for the Jazz who are now 3.5 games out of the playoffs.

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  1. The Star Wars Generation
    The Star Wars Generation says:

    The past seven games, Rubio's been driving to the basket. When Rubio drives, it forces his opponent to guard him (which prevents his man from double-teaming other players). In fact, it means that HE gets double-teamed, which opens the floor for assists. It puts him closer to the basket which puts him in his range. And when he has success, his confidence builds and he starts making outside shots as well. Because of this, we've won 5 of the last 7 games. I'm not saying Rubio's the answer, but when Rubio does more than camp out on the wings, it improves the team dynamic.

  2. Enrique De la Torre Gil
    Enrique De la Torre Gil says:

    New Orleans Pelicans without Demarcus Cousins.
    Clippers without Blake Griffin.
    Denver Nuggets bad coached.

    A great opportunity to be on Playoffs. Some times tanking is overrated and is better reconstructing while competing. It will be good for Donovan Mitchell to adquire some experience.
    Learn about what Rockets did after “T-Mac and Yao Ming era”, believe in a special player (Harden=Donovan), grow with him and be lucky in another lottery pick. GO JAZZ!

  3. Tye Sweet
    Tye Sweet says:

    Ricky Rubio is the leader of the jazz Jazz! the ball needs to be in his hands in clutch situations because more often than not he will get the ball to the right person. He has been a pro since 14 years old and his basketball IQ is unparalleled. Love these videos by the way

  4. trias418
    trias418 says:

    Keeping up the RPG references (going FF1 style), I'd like to think we upgraded our party from fighter (gobert)/black belt (donovan)/white mage (rubio)/red mage (ingles) into knight/master/white wizard/red wizard tonight.

  5. bill hedrick
    bill hedrick says:

    Almost wrote this game off tonight glad I didn't exciting start to finish. Was waiting for the 2nd half slump that never came. Big things coming I think they can get a few more games on this streak they have going possibly another 5 if they keep playing the way they did these past 3 games!!!

  6. Breck Greenwall
    Breck Greenwall says:

    Crazy. Up until about 4 minutes left in the 4th I kept expecting the Warriors to go on one of their crazy runs and take the lead… It's amazing how great this Jazz team can be when they're focused and healthy. I'm cautiously starting to believe a little bit!


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