Jeremy Evans traveled 1500 miles through Utah, Wyoming and Idaho teaching basketball clinics to Jr. Jazz kids


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  1. Tyson Wright
    Tyson Wright says:

    I love this guy so much I bugged my parents talking about him.  And he is very down to earth, if he wasn't on the jazz than I would not live in Utah any more. I recently went to a jazz game and when I was there I didn't watch anyone besides him and Jefferson.  And, also when I went to get an autograph the place was so crowed I didn't get to:(. Yes he went on the NBA Dunk Contest twice wow!  People say to me that I wont make it to the NBA because I'm too short and skinny, but when they told me that I said look at Spud Web when they said that I was too short. But when they told me that I was too skinny I said to look at Jeremy Evens, and their jaws dropped. THEY WERE SPEACHLESS.

    Thank you for the enjoyment Jeremy.
    sincerely Your biggest fan ever Tyson. 


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