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Show Notes

Phil Steele

2019 College Football Preview

Phil Steele has been the nation’s leading college football expert for decades. His annual magazine, Phil Steele’s College Football Preview is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It is a staple for college football fans and a required resource for analysts. Phil returns to the show to preview upcoming seasons for the Utes, Cougars and Aggies. Should we believe all the hype surrounding Utah? How good is Zach Wilson? Can Gary Andersen build on last year’s success? Who is going to win the week one rivalry game? Phil Steele links:

  • Buy Phil Steele’s 2019 College Football Preview here.
  • You can get his FCS magazine here.
  • Follow Phil on Twitter: @philsteele042.



LeBron James

Our boy Nate the Hemorrhoid weighs in on last week’s debate about LeBron James’ behavior at the AAU championship game.  

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