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Check out the best spin moves from throughout the season! #NBAHandlesWeek

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Utah Jazz Tickets
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44 replies
  1. zhongming wen
    zhongming wen says:

    The Kings got to get that guy to stop saying that. Ages ago when Tyreke Evans was still a thing I watched one Tyreke Evans hightlight and he literally said that after every single one. I get that you need the hype but its getting a bit too old.

  2. karl nystedt
    karl nystedt says:

    Nice to include the others,but for sheer mastery,you could have just shown PSkills top-ten spin-moves,and it would have been fine.
    My favourite quote during an interview,can't remember who the defender was up against Pascal,but he was familiar with the Spicy reputation,said, "Now…spin!" ,to try to throw him off.
    Didn't matter.


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