The Utah Jazz dominated the Washington Wizards from start to finish in a lopsided victory. Donovan Mitchell and Alec Burks looked incredible once again with both scoring over 20 points. Donovan is an absolute star and Burks has turned into a real weapon off the bench.

Washington looked like it missed John Wall badly as it didn’t seem to get any easy looks from the Jazz stingy defense.


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  1. Janice Taylor
    Janice Taylor says:

    Wonderful review. I appreciate your honesty and unbiased opinion about the Wizards (as a Wizards fan) and about the Jazz. You have such a clear, crisp voice. Definitely made for this. I'm inspired by this as I also do post game reviews. Jazz played a great game all the Jazz had points and assists and they all had MORE than 2 shots. Wizards only had 9 assists in total on the night. Great defense and ball movement by the Jazz.

  2. Alpha G
    Alpha G says:

    Donovan mitchell is special , apparently wen he worked out for The jazz , the front office threatened to sack fire any scouts who would reveal wat went down in the workout to other teams

  3. Dopasetic
    Dopasetic says:

    We've been playing amazing these past 6. I am kind of worried about our upcoming December games but if they play with the heart and skill they have been we have a chance of beating the good and great teams

    Favors has been on fire to he has gotten double doubles all day then Gobert came back haha

  4. nj11
    nj11 says:

    Tbh injuries helped Utah discover their offensive potential. Its so fitting that they live and die by the injuries 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. B Mac
    B Mac says:

    For a jazz fan of only 3 seasons this team is by far the best to watch. Now i understand why AB is in the nba. Seeing favours play without hobbling is nice too. Wish Ex was able to contribute. We're more of a team without both GH's

  6. Ken Sniffey JR
    Ken Sniffey JR says:

    Ok now I need some help from the jazz for my Knicks….we lost again bc porzingod and hardaway have been out with injuries….glad u guys are still streaking tho….im a big fan of mitchell thanks to yoy


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