When the Utah Jazz were down by 10 in the fourth quarter, it looked like it might be over. On the back end of a back to back and playing the third game in four nights, it should have been over. Nope, that’s 10 in a row.

The Jazz have found something special. And even though the team is playing within Quin’s system and vision with perfection, it’s more than that. The Jazz are playing with a chemistry and joy that lifts the players beyond their normal ability.

There was no predicting how good Donovan Mitchell and Royce O’neale would be this year. Or Joe Ingles replacing Gordon Hayward near seamlessly. Did anyone think Derrick Favors would be healthy and contributing at a high level, I didn’t. No one would have guessed these things. But because of that chemistry and joy created by Dennis Lindsey and implemented by Quin Snyder, the future for the Utah Jazz is brighter than ever.

It’s beautiful to watch and we are all blessed to be a part of this win streak.


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  1. Brookes D
    Brookes D says:

    seriously its ridiculous how much Joe ingles gets no credit, the dude is the most underrated man in the NBA, even before his stats went up this season he provided so much off the ball and in Defence last season. If oladipo hadn't of gone to the pacers and played like he is playing ingles would get MIP

  2. Monica Guillen
    Monica Guillen says:

    I think youre all huffed up for the winning streak i prefer not to get my spirits to high im glad because of the winning streak and i hope it lasts as long as possible but thinking in the half long term regardless how soon or late they snap their streak theyre this year in a ggood track to make it to the playoffs and i think in following years they gonna be on the way to the ring cause utah has an all star caliber point guard an all star caliber forward and an all star caliber center and a good coach so the foundations are there to building from here a championoship winning team in the half long term donovan reminds me of a younger harden but unlike him hes delivering from the getgo not overshadowed by kd and rw as he was he looks like a 28 year old veteran rather than a 20 year rookie. dont get very depressedn when the streak snaps and its gonna snap envision a mid long term of 3 4 years utah jazz has the potential to wina championoship by 2020 or 2021 good news in utah.

  3. shotoko1206
    shotoko1206 says:

    I feel favors will resigns with Jazz on a bit lower price. I think he loves this group of people because 1. your main Gs are not ball hogs, stat padding players. RR and DM are good passers and looks to pass the ball before even trying to attack. And their passes are scoring passes. Both are very good defenders, it allows him to help efficiently because the Gs can slow down their marks.

  4. Enrique De la Torre Gil
    Enrique De la Torre Gil says:

    The best players in this team are Donovan and Ricky; but, what makes Jazz that special are players like Joe and Rudy. Probably they would be no important pieces in another NBA team but, in Jazz ( as you said) they are the damn best forward and center in the fucking league. HELL YEAH, GO JAZZ.

  5. Mr. Fresh
    Mr. Fresh says:

    I just heard a stat from a reporter that was talking to Spida post-game, that prior to this game the Spurs were historically 775-3 when up by 13 at that point in the 4th quarter. After tonight they are now 775-4!

  6. Pau Navarroginer
    Pau Navarroginer says:

    Takeiteasy , without Aldridge, Leonard and Rudi Gay ,so caution when you say we can win with or without . In this clock we need all the pieces ,like Udo , i like a lot ,no Burks ,he don't know what time is it

  7. Nick Jaramillo
    Nick Jaramillo says:

    Credit to Utah , My Spurs were missing LMA, Kawhi and Rudy Spurs were up by 13 pts at. 83-70 before Utah made their huge run, Correction Spurs Earned their Points But Jazz were just tougher tnite


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