As reported by Adrian Wojnarowski, the Utah Jazz traded Rodney Hood to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Jae Crowder. It was a very active trade deadline for the Cavaliers who also traded Isaiah Thomas for pieces from the Lakers including Larry Nance Jr and Jordan Clarkson.

Let’s talk about the trade!


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  1. NG 801
    NG 801 says:

    I still think Hood could have been a legitimate six-man scoring spark Off the Bench for the Jazz, and why if we're making a playoff push would we let iso Joe Go…? :

  2. Eric Allen
    Eric Allen says:

    I like it. Getting Jae Crowder will like playing with this team. AND, this is more of a move for the coming years. With a good draft and a solid pickup in the offseason, the Jazz should be a 3rd or 4th seed.

  3. trenthav
    trenthav says:

    getting Crowder for Hood and retaining Favors. This move is a great move. next year all the naysayers will see Hoods new contract and hail DL for this trade.

  4. nečko računica
    nečko računica says:

    They lett go second leading scorer and probably best shooter on that team Rodney Hood can not believe it no disrespect to Crowder but i like Hood better utah gave him just to save money .

  5. nečko računica
    nečko računica says:

    They gave sharp shooter Hood for Crowder bigger and slower player,they gave Johnson for nothing Rose will not sign with Utah for sure, Joe Johnson going to worst team than Utah Sacramento is worst,I can not believe they could not sign hood to extention tipical Utah Jazz front office they draft guy develop him in good player than they lett him go for nothing,Example Milsap,they dont want a pay player that fits the team

  6. nappydwarf
    nappydwarf says:

    I agree with your assessment that free agents will look at Utah because of Mitchell, not only as a superstar talent but as a personality as well. When you can live in Park City and if you are worried more about winning than the supposed lack of "night life", I hope we can land someone significant. But who's it gonna be? Aaron Gordon?

  7. Mr. Fresh
    Mr. Fresh says:

    Sad about Iso Joe, but I like Crowder. But DEREK ROSE to the Jazz?!? That part of the trade is terrible, Rose won't fully commit to bball cause of his injury fears, just a half ass waste of space, let's hope we trade him in the off season…..

    Overall I like it though, go JAZZ baby!

    (Jk about rose…… thank God!) 😁

  8. cyclopsjrg
    cyclopsjrg says:

    I felt like the trade was meh. I felt like we could’ve gotten something better. Like a stretch 4. We need some spacing for Gobert and Donavan. I agree that we should put Joe on the bench so we have someone reliable to go to. The Cavs aren’t going to appeal LeBron with this team, so I’m happy. It’s so good that we can get some cap space to hopefully get the stretch four we need. I’m pretty surprised we didn’t trade Favors though. Could’ve gotten a good backup Center. But the Jazz won this trade.


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