On the back end of their second back to back in just five games, the Utah Jazz looked slow against a Phoenix Suns team who seem invigorated after the departure of Earl Watson.

The Suns out-rebounded the Jazz 55 to 44 and also had less turnovers with 16 compared to the Jazz who had 24. This could be seen as effort plays, but more likely it is the sign of a tired team. The Jazz will need as much rest as possible to play well against the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday to avoid another loss to a non playoff team.

All in all a frustrating night for the Jazz looking to bounce back from a tough loss to the LA Clippers.


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  1. trias418
    trias418 says:

    You're right that Joe Ingles being sick was really tough. He's slow already, him getting slower (which he was the last two games) is brutal. He's not the kind of player that can play at 75% and still be effective.

  2. trias418
    trias418 says:

    Our starting line-up is a disaster and needs to change. It's been destroyed every game. Only reason we've had a chance is because the bench has been saving us. Against Phoenix, they didn't, so we just looked horrible for the whole game. I think that our defense was still good, and Phoenix was on hitting difficult shots while we were bricking opening 3s. But the game was lost with the 23 turnovers, the majority of which are due to the dysfunctionality of our starting lineup. Think it might be time to bring Favors off the bench.

    I like Devin Booker, he played good defense last night and is a legit scorer.

  3. Enrique De la Torre Gil
    Enrique De la Torre Gil says:

    Is embarrassment to say that Joe Ingles is a important piece of an NBA team man!!!
    In FC Barcelona (Spain) he did not even play in the starting line up…
    Ricky needs better perimetrer players to create space and increase his shooting, otherwise he would be better in another team.
    Best regards from Spain James.

  4. ArcticSlicer
    ArcticSlicer says:

    Joe Johnson has actually struggled all season so far. His field goal percentage so far is worse than Ricky Rubio's, especially with 3 pointers. It's unfortunate but I think Johnson is starting to show his age can no longer play at level he was last year; but that happens. Maybe the Jazz should try Jarebko for a couple of games in place of Johnson and see how that goes.

    Also the love affair for Booker has to do with him having 70 points in a game versus the Celtics a couple of years back. 70 points, an insane number, if he could shoot like that all of the time; he would be fantastic; but as is he is a very streaky shooter.


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