I want to talk about Gordon Hayward. Who he is and who he isn’t. He wrote his player’s tribune piece today and, because he wanted to “get things right”, forced Jazz fans to realize he was leaving twice.

Sorry for the cutout in the middle, technical difficulties…


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  1. David Green
    David Green says:

    Damn right, Gobert became the best overall player on the team. He's clearly the heart and leader of the team. It took Gordon 7 years to become a all-star. Look at Donovan Mitchell right now, way more promissing on offense and defense than Hayward was as a rookie. Also, ever notice how good Hood could play when Hayward was injured? Maybe we get that Rodney Hood all the time now.

  2. Anthony Cueroni
    Anthony Cueroni says:

    if hes not a leader, not a closer, not your best player, a whiner, a loner, "not a part of youre family, and no ones gonna miss him then why are you so butt hurt about him leaving? You say you arent gonna miss him but clearly you are. Whose the real liar?

  3. Storm Chaser
    Storm Chaser says:

    Can't wait for the video you'll make when Gobert leaves in his free agency…you know that's going to happen right? And the "leader" Gobert will leave with the same amount of rings the "not a leader" Gordon did…0…Gobert is the most loyal player in the world until his contract is about to expire.

  4. Gmfm Sos
    Gmfm Sos says:

    the first half of the video you say he's effecient and a leader then when you get mad you say completely different things, I'm a Boston fan and I agree he lied but I don't think he's a moaner easy route guy

  5. Talha K
    Talha K says:

    First half of the video: "Gordon Hayward is a top 20 player"

    Second half of the video: "Gordon Hayward isn't an elite player"


  6. fsgjafgja
    fsgjafgja says:

    I've never really heard of reports of Gordon being a whiner, diva, or complainer…….just curious because I'd like to know about this too, any references?
    P.S. Not that I think Gordon was a great team leader but he was still certainly my favorite player on the Jazz =( damn it hayward…

  7. orlee santillana
    orlee santillana says:

    As a Celtics fan I want to pledge Alliance to Jazz fans. We just want Haywards help. If you really not selfish you wont let Hayward face Warriors alone. And for the future Boston Celtics will also send picks to the Jazz


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