Apologies for the spotty audio tonight :/

Just another victory for the Utah Jazz as they easily handled the Phoenix Suns. The story of the game was Jared Dudley and Marquese Chriss embarrassing themselves with a dirty play against Ricky Rubio.

Joe Ingles, Jae Crowder and Donovan Mitchell stepped in and handed them a loss and watched them get ejected.

The Jazz are a special team that doesn’t back down to anyone. They’re special. The Suns are not.


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  1. Kevin Schwartz
    Kevin Schwartz says:

    All they got was a slap on the wrist $25K fine! Any player even regardless of team, if they target a player like that should get more than a fine. Especially if it was like Chriss and on a dead ball and not even part of the game! If the NBA really cared about its image and wanted to protect players then for cases like these they should minimum issue a 2-3 game suspension without pay and a ban from any NBA facility during said suspension.

  2. linkdkx
    linkdkx says:

    I normally love your videos man, and I'm as pissed as you are about Rubio being targeted but you took it too far. Dial it back. I'll see you next video. Go Jazz

  3. CoDe N9N3
    CoDe N9N3 says:

    Ricky Rubio is the leagues most beat-up player! Guy does not get calls or help from refs and people are always slamming him on the court. Yet he is always aggressive and brings it every night. I really hope that Ricky sticks around to finish his career here. He is a good fit for our future and system.

  4. Elton R
    Elton R says:

    Dude are you going to talk about the game or you just going to give you a pinion and trash-talk a team. I'm a jazz fan and have been for the last 25 years but keep your emotions out of this brother, talk about the game and how we can improve or get better but don't talk smack you just look silly

  5. Recontramojado
    Recontramojado says:

    Well, too much rage against the suns… they are really bad but I think you went a bit over the top. Been checking the schedule, If the jazz do their homework and beat the kings they could wake up monday morning 5th in the west half a game away from the 4th placed thunder. But I don't like that match up. outside the rockets and warriors, I believe the thunder is the worst match up for the jazz. PG and Westbrook are too big and quick for rubio and mitchel, and adams matches up pretty well against gobert.

  6. Gage Carter
    Gage Carter says:

    I’m a huge jazz fan but Devin Booker is a beast. You don’t score 70+ points in a game by simply just having a good game. Yes he plays for a garbage cheap shot no talent team but he would do a lot of good else where. I’d love to to seem him get out of that awful Phoenix jersey.

  7. Amar A
    Amar A says:

    After reading your video description where your first line identifies there are audio problems, and after reading all of the comments, I have to confirm that — yes, there are some audio problems. Also, I'm triggered by your 'fat guy who overeats junk food and fouls a lot' shaming of Dudley.


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