The Utah Jazz tied the series against the Oklahoma City Thunder with huge performances from multiple players on the team.

Derrick Favors was an absolute beast with 16 rebounds and 20 points. The Thunder had no answer for him and he kept the Jazz alive a multiple points in the game.

Rudy Gobert’s defense showed up again. He fouled Steven Adams out of the game and hit big free throws that closed out the Thunder. Rudy’s 13 points and 15 rebounds were vital and his rim protection is what makes the Jazz roll.

Ricky Rubio his BIG shots for the Jazz. Who would have guessed that Rubio would become a knock down three point shooter before the season started.

Finally, Donovan Mitchell closed this one out. He takes over games, playoff games. He’s a rookie. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes one of the most dominant players in the NBA. Tonight he carried the offense when it stalled. When the Thunder made runs, Donovan pulled them back in it. When the Thunder stalled, Donovan would stretch the Jazz lead. What did Jazz fans do to deserve Donovan Mitchell!?


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  1. Anon EmouseMan
    Anon EmouseMan says:

    When the Warriors played the Utah Jazz in the middle of season, the radio and T.V. color commentator for the Warriors said that the Jazz were done and their season was over. That color commentator for the Warriors might want to rethink that statement at this point.

  2. Anon EmouseMan
    Anon EmouseMan says:

    Dante Exum is doing well driving to the basket and passing, but he is sort of playing like Rubio used to play, there are times when Exum is so open there isn't even a defending player within ten feet of him, he needs to take that shot from time to time just to keep the other team honest in how they are playing defense against the Jazz. When a basketball player is super wide open they need to take the shot. Exum doesn't seem like a total schlub out there like he has in seasons past because now he is a beast driving toward the basket for a layup and no one can stop him.

    But doing the unexpected is a good strategy, and if the other team doesn't think he will take the outside shot, make them pay for being so foolish… also it causes pyschological warfare against the other team by doing that. Being unpredictable is a good thing. It's a good tactic. This is particularly so early in the shot clock. Exum can hit those kind of shots that are high percentage as layups, he is actually pretty good at those kind of shots. Where Dante has problems is when he is closely guarded on outside shots… so he needs to practice one on one until he gets real good at making outside shots even when someone is guarding him real close. So he can practice on that after this season is over. But in the meanwhile, nothing wrong with shooting a wide open outside midrange shot from time to time when there isn't even a defender ten feet near to him.

    Take the shot. Make the shot.

  3. SuperStrik9
    SuperStrik9 says:

    Big win by the Jazz. It's always great to steal home court advantage. That said, I think this is gonna be a close, hard fought series like most 4v5 matchups are. I like the Jazz chances and hope you guys win the series.

  4. urmanascrewed
    urmanascrewed says:

    Yes! D Mitch was amazing! The Jazz look good, I hope they can do it. They have been one of the most disrespected and underestimated teams this year. Show the haters wrong and that Utah is legit!

  5. Nobrains12
    Nobrains12 says:

    Ricky was so clutch from 3!! D Faves was a beast getting all those offensive boards keeping the Jazz alive, and Donovan was able to score when we needed him coming down the stretch.

    Overall, just a much better performance on both ends of the court, preventing any of the Thunder's big three from really making an impact, especially in the fourth quarter.

    I definitely see the Jazz being favored now in the series, but they do need to take care of business at home these next two games. If they drop anything in Utah from getting too comfortable, then this win isn't going to mean as much as it should.

  6. Blade Runner
    Blade Runner says:

    That's the thing with Fav's, a monster one game then can be completely invisible the next. I think his easy going laid back personality makes it hard for him to keep his intensity up.

  7. Jonathan Colton
    Jonathan Colton says:

    Agree. The Jazz looked totally in control. The box score doesn't tell the whole story. The fact that Donovan put up those numbers while being guarded by PG13 and Brewer is insane.


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