The three-headed monster of Ricky Rubio, Donovan Mitchell and Dante Exum has hatched and claimed its first victim in Minnesota.

Ricky Rubio was 5/6 from three and claimed alpha male status as he put away his old coach and team.

Donovan Mitchell was lethal with his floater game and looks playoff ready with an easy 21 points.

Dante Exum uses his insane speed to blow by defenses and get to the line. He’s going to be a big weapon for Utah off the bench and makes them incredibly dangerous as a low seed in the playoffs.


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  1. Des Nutz
    Des Nutz says:

    Mane, idc who you guys play in the first round. I would not want to be them. only thing holding you guys back is inexperience. Good Luck on remaining schedule

  2. Raymond Kent
    Raymond Kent says:

    I hope Rudy gets DPOY. I predict he will be one of the 3 nominated and he might be the best chance the jazz have for an award. Rudy would have won DPOY but games played might hurt him. Even still he has a good chance at winning. Mitchell will be nominated for ROTY and be invited to the new NBA award ceremony thing they are doing as well but Mitchell won't win. Coach of the year is less predictable but brad stevens, Pop, D'Antoni, and even Toronto and Portland's coaches might get some consideration along with Snyder.
    The Jazz will get 2 nominations maybe even 3 if they are lucky but they could very well not win any awards.
    Does Rudy deserve an All NBA team selection again? I think so. What do you think?

  3. MrCarlos0435
    MrCarlos0435 says:

    1:20 man it´s not about "haters": When Donovan makes 50 shots scoring under 35% Jazz are toasted. I´m glad that the ball was going in for him, and that the shoot selection was better than other games (i.e loss to Spurs). We all want him to be the Roty, but hyping him up is just bad for the team and for himself. No haters, but no fanboys either. Overall great game for the Jazz. A bunch of players with impact on the game (Exum is looking good), great shooting and defense. If second unit can perform regularly at this level, and they can remain healthy, Jazz is a team to be feared and a playoff material.

  4. Patrick Okubo
    Patrick Okubo says:

    I think they can run the table. LAL, LAC, LAL, GSW, PTB left. Lakers and Warriors having nothing to play for in the standings (Blazers too by the last game of the season).

  5. Donovan Mitchell
    Donovan Mitchell says:

    I agree, Mitchell, Exum and Rubio have very diferent play styles and compliment eachother very well at the guard spot.
    Its like having 3 diferent types of pokemon on your team.
    Mitchell = fire, Exum = water and Rubio = grass.

  6. MetalFace MovieReviews
    MetalFace MovieReviews says:

    I will say this . Dante Exum is just gonna keep getting better every game. All that work he put in the summer with baron davis is gonna show as he gets his conditioning and rhythm back so he can pick right up where he left off. Happy about that. One of the quickest dudes in the association if not the quickest .

  7. Swof
    Swof says:

    Most of towns scoring came when Favors was on him, he couldn’t buy a bucket with Gobert on him. Exum is so fast and has a nice touch around this rim he’s so much fun to watch. Jazz future is looking really bright

  8. Lachlan Hodges
    Lachlan Hodges says:

    I'm sorry but Ben Simmons is the ROY, its closer than most would have thought, but with no Embiid today Simmons put up 20pts 15 ast 8 reb 3stl 1blk with only 1 turnover on good efficiencies to take the win while leading his team and he has been doing it all year. Donovan is great, but ben is a generational talent and if you havent watched him, you need to go and pay attention to his play beyond the stat line. its amazing


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