Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum were huge for the Boston Celtics in their 97-94 victory over the Utah Jazz. Tatum scored 16 and looked aggressive and strong while Brown scored 21 including a backbreaking three to win the game.

This is a tough loss to swallow for the Jazz who were playing an injured Celtics team and a lead with only minutes left.

The Celtics won the game shooting 57% from three which the Jazz were never able to slow down. Considering the Jazz shot 27% from three, it’s amazing how close the game was.

Donovan Mitchell was as calm and collected as ever in the 4th and even though the Jazz lost, seeing him man the ship at the end of games is going to be amazing for years to come.


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  1. The Star Wars Generation
    The Star Wars Generation says:

    Right now I'd rather play an injury-laden Golden State over Houston or Portland. So if this loss secures a 7 spot, I'm fine.

    And I can't give Brad Stevens any credit for our low shooting percentage. It wasn't his defense that won the game, it was our bad offense. We just plain and simply missed open shots. And as for rebounds, I really can't criticize. We may have missed a couple of crucial ones at the end, but we still out-rebounded the Celtics 45-42 (Gobert had 11, Rubio had 8, Jerebko had 7, and so on). We lost this game because we couldn't shoot.

  2. BPDMF
    BPDMF says:

    Jaylen Brown is a very exciting player. Very graceful and very athletic. His shot had gotten so much better in just a year. You can tell he cares, and that's important.

  3. BPDMF
    BPDMF says:

    Tatum had to be more aggressive because of the injuries. He is the #1 option for at least half the time he plays now, unlike when Kyrie/Horford/Morris/Smart are there. What is impressive has been how he plays well as the 3rd or 4th option and as the 1st or 2nd.

  4. Rodrigo Soares
    Rodrigo Soares says:

    Shame on Utah for having the game in their hands and letting it go.
    The team showed no heart in the end and deserved to lose.
    Rubio made so many mistakes that I couldn't even count them and could not make a bucket when needed.
    This team deserves to be in the 8th seed.

  5. Renee Baltimore
    Renee Baltimore says:

    This game hurt me so much. I could accept the last loss, but this one just crushed me. The Jazz looked tired. They did the best, but I was soooo hurt. Sweat was rolling over the Jazz like they were showered, and they LOOKED TIRED!! Just so disappointing. This year is a very different one for Donovan as he has never played this amount of games. He has not sat out except when he was sick. I admire his work, but the poor thing is TIRED!! Onward and upward.

  6. Emoji
    Emoji says:

    Us celtics fan loves for tatum to be aggressive at the start of the season he was just waiting for his shot but as of the last 2 months hes played really aggressive and since kyries went down hes been one of the main carriers of the offensive been averaging i believe 17 points 7 rebounds and like 2 assist while kyrie has went down

  7. Bryan Nylle Camlian
    Bryan Nylle Camlian says:

    Early in the season JT was just relegated to spot up shooting, 4th option on offense hence the high percentage 3pt shots.. but now, with all the injuries, JT needs to be more aggressive and Brad sets him up more on PnR actions coz he has great offensive skills waiting to be unleashed.. overall it was a nice game for both teams, it could have gone either way

  8. SuperStrik9
    SuperStrik9 says:

    I was hoping you guys would do the Raps a solid and beat the Celtics. It's gonna go down to the wire between the Raps and Celtics for 1st in the east. Big head to head matchup Saturday. Major props to Brad Stevens. What he's been doing since Kyrie's been out in particular is very impressive. As much as I'd love to see Casey win COTY if Stevens ends up winning it I won't even be mad. Can't wait for Saturday. Go Raps!

  9. Daniel Papa
    Daniel Papa says:

    Yeah but we're 1-1 & we beat them by more points on their home court than they beat us.. CLEARLY the Jazz players didn't want this game bad enough if you're good at soul searching, but that's okay, because there are other games that the Utah Jazz are way more hungry for, & that's why I'm still believing in this team!💯Exum>O'neale

  10. Joe C
    Joe C says:

    Tatum was OK, 15 pts on 16 shots. Rubio and Ingles shot so bad this game it made the difference. It probably never would have been close if they were on. Mitch wasn't much better 22 points on 20 shots…These are the games we are supposed to win. Ugly defensive battles are usually in our wheel house. Rudy needs to get more shots at the rim, 5 shots simply won't be enough to win us games. We play down to our competition, we've done it too many times this year.

  11. hundred cs
    hundred cs says:

    Houston fan here, I can tell it is going to be Houston vs Celtics! At the same time, Jazz looks really good! Jazz is definitely on the same level with OKC and Blazers.

  12. Thomas Crammer
    Thomas Crammer says:

    Ok signed up to Google. Just wanted to say respect 100% to Celtics fans. Jaylen Brown ALwas CLUTCH with final shot I'm happy to see him not permanently injured. Jazz HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WORRY about…thet are coached so well this was an experiment game…regular season game…against another humble working squad…preparing for postseason with preparation. period. Remember last season…anyone…? Lost 13 of 14 to regular season dominant clippers to win 3 of 4 in postseason matchup. Holy crap…not a big deal…better to level up with a lead and iron out weak spots early than playoffs…we got this..guaranteed.

  13. Alec DeBenedictis
    Alec DeBenedictis says:

    I’m a C’s fan and I didn’t see us winning this game. We are decimated with injuries and even though we have a slightly deep bench we are so young. But then again Brad Stevens is a major factor. COTY

  14. Arc Sabre
    Arc Sabre says:

    Celtics fan here. Honestly, I never though we had a chance in this game with how well the Jazz have been lately. Gobert definitely should be Defensive player of the year and Mitchell is awesome. Crowder and Jerebko played well. It was a great game and this win is a testament to Coach Brad Stevens and the Celtics players. Despite all the injuries they tough it out and found a way to win.

  15. RoddyC 2014
    RoddyC 2014 says:

    Trust and believe the Celtics fans (that are more than casual NBA fans) do care about the matchup between the jazz. We see Crowder celebrating when he hits a three, he wants to beat us, we want to beat him. Hayward coming to Boston and getting injured, some Jazz fans are probably happy, so we definitely want to win the matchup for him. But a healthy rivalry is born. Good to have rivalries as long as you’ve got good sportsmanship at the end of the day. Good game, and looking forward to the atmosphere with Gordon on the court, that’s what us as NBA fans want to see…. entertainment and storylines.

  16. Ned s
    Ned s says:

    hands down JT is better than ben s! wait till they get hayward back next year it will be a even deeper playoff run if not finals. dont sleep on the celtics


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