Things could not have looked worse for the Utah Jazz who had possibly their worst offensive showing of the year against the tanking Atlanta Hawks.

The Jazz shot 17% from three and 37% from the field. It was ugly.
Dennis Schroder channelled Michael Jordan scoring a career high 41 points on 16/28 shooting. The Jazz simply didn’t have an answer.

In a close race, Utah now sits in the 8th seed in the playoff race and will need to bounce back soon.


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  1. MetalFace MovieReviews
    MetalFace MovieReviews says:

    Got a natural scorer sitting on the bench. Quin needs to let that ego die and let AB run wild who cares if he's not playing within his system . For what it's worth Mitchell , Royce& crowder make mistakes that would get AB pulled promptly. Give him some run with Exum.

  2. Ryan McDowell
    Ryan McDowell says:

    We got completely hosed by the Refs, we weren't getting any calls. Not an excuse though, this team should be able to overcome bad reffing, and you HAVE TO HIT SHOTS. Also Schroder was out of control, but you could tell Gobert was frustrated when he pushed that dude over after that bad call, and it put him in foul trouble too early. I don't know what happened with that game, it was SO hard to watch.

  3. Daniel Papa
    Daniel Papa says:

    Why the fuck is Royce O'neale in the rotation in place of Alec Burks?? Royce O'neale is a one hit wonder who we can't have pity for & can't be afraid to lose. Royce O'neale needs to go!!!

  4. Renee Baltimore
    Renee Baltimore says:

    You must remember that they have been playing a lot of games. Plus, there have been new players coming in. They haven’t gotten a chance to jell. Snyder is probably trying to get the team ready by putting together all the new guys. Hopefully, this is another wake up call for them. They looked sluggish right from the beginning. Onward and upward.

  5. Jonathan Colton
    Jonathan Colton says:

    Donovan Mitchell and Joe Ingles shot 2-18 from the 3 point line, and you are not going to win a lot of games that way – even against Atlanta. Jerebko added his contribution by going 0-2 from 3. Had Donovan just made 2 more and Joe 1, and Jonas 1. We win by 6+ points, and they still finish having gone 6-20 from 3.

  6. qiushi hu
    qiushi hu says:

    A little bit disappointed at DM at the end tbh. DS looked like a god. Also you could learn something from Athlete Alchemy. He does basically the same content as you


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