Overall the Utah Jazz did a relatively good job against the Oklahoma City Thunder if you don’t count Paul George scoring 36 points on 72% 3pt shooting. But that’s what happens with playoff basketball, stars shine and Paul George shined the brightest.

Ricky Rubio struggled from the field, but it felt like he was taking shots he normally doesn’t take. That’s either the Thunder doing a good job on him defensively to get him off his spots, or he was just taking shots he shouldn’t. Either way he ended up shooting 5/18 and will need to do better.

Donovan Mitchell was a star in his playoff debut for the Jazz. He scored 27 points and pulled down 10 rebounds. It never stops amazing me how good he is so early. One year and he’s the lead dog on a playoff team. He’s a special, special player and the Jazz will need him to keep up his star level play to get a win in Game two.

It may not have looked like it, but Rudy Gobert played well. He kept Khal Drogo Steven Adams from having a huge impact while also helping to keep Russell Westbrook to 10 for 25 shooting.
If the Jazz want a game two victory, they’ll need to make some major adjustments, starting with Playoff P.


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  1. Recontramojado
    Recontramojado says:

    I hate this matchup… loosing against a team like this, playing hero ball, isolation, shooting ill selected shoots! And favors needs to bang the ball against melo with more confidence.

  2. Recontramojado
    Recontramojado says:

    PG was just brutal, shooting over good defense and going ridiculous, you can live with that. but the 4 consecutives pick and roll between westbrook and adams in the 4th! man those were terrible! The steals after hustle plays? you can live with that! but the sloppy full court passes or exum three consecutives turnovers… man!

  3. MetalFace MovieReviews
    MetalFace MovieReviews says:

    I’m sorry but Adams had a huge impact on this game . Those offensive rebounds were killer . We are 19-22 in games where we allow 11 second chance points. And Houdini forever I don’t care what anyone says almost outproduced the whole starting five in two minutes of playing time . That is dynamite . To hell with percentages. The percentages say Paul George was one of the worse jump shooters after the all star break. Look how that turned out

  4. Movie Muscle
    Movie Muscle says:

    Paul George really is too cocky for his own good. He thinks he’s good enough to just flip a switch in the Playoffs and not try in the regular season as if he’s earned that. He’ll get exposed by elite teams soon enough when he won’t be able to shoot 8/11 from 3. I don’t know why some of you guys think it’s sustainable even if the Jazz’s defense doesn’t adjust.

  5. MrCarlos0435
    MrCarlos0435 says:

    Man you need to chill out. OKC played a PERFECT game. And PG played like the superstar that he is. Before this season was just only 1 step under Lebron´s star level. Today he showed that level again. Ingles could do nothing, so don´t put the blame on him. OKC defended to the limit with some ref help. Utah was looking for the open look with 6 seconds left each possession. Rubio was taking a lot of those shots, and today the ball did not come in. And u are being unfair with Jonas: Anthony is a streaky shooter and superstar also. Chill the fuck out. Man i feel you are a Gobert/Mitchell die hard and that you need to put the blame on others : Adams is all star center…well son OKC has 4 all star level, not only the one that matches up with Rudy!!!. I repeat: OKC WAS GREAT, PERIOD. OKC was great shutting Jazz internal game and reducing their offense to the 3 point line. OKC was great shooting, even their second unit was hitting threes. OKC was great using the court factor. Man very toxic review. Learn to take the L when the other team is better. Stop with bias comments and blames, and CHILL THE FUCK OUT, from a Jazz fan.

  6. H Menz
    H Menz says:

    Paul george is a 37 percent career 3 point shooter. He will no doubt attempt to repeat this effort and most likely fail over the course of the series due to over exuberance and thinking in his own mind he is a better 3 point shooter than he really is.

    Id be inclined to put more heat on Westbrook and guard George normally. 'Law of large numbers' suggest Paul George will regress sharpley over the course of the series, there is too much data to suggest otherwise.

    We should be goading Paul George to re attempt his efforts.

  7. 1 Survivor
    1 Survivor says:

    The Thunder shot 48% from the field and 48% from three. And it's not like the Jazz didn't contest their shots, they did. OKC was taking and making difficult contested jumpshots. This was basically the best basketball the Thunder can possibly play while the Jazz struggled offensively. And the Thunder still only won by 8. I still think that the Jazz win this series. The Thunder can't shoot that well every game.

  8. Pau Navarroginer
    Pau Navarroginer says:

    I dont like Rudy , the way he did faults , the way he lost balls , the way of fail free throws
    And Ricky did the worst play in the year but the best in defense . A lot of players hide and don't throw

  9. urmanascrewed
    urmanascrewed says:

    I didn't think it likely that OKC would click like this. After the strong start from the Jazz that's the way I suspected. But then they figured it out and OKC played great. I still think the Jazz will play better going forward.

  10. FURBjr
    FURBjr says:

    Alec Burks gets 10 points in garbage time. I say let him guard Russ for a bit and see what happens. It is highly unlikely Jazz win the championship this year (but I still hope for it). I mean why not?

  11. Swof
    Swof says:

    This year we might not go too deep into the playoffs but think about how good Donovan and Royce will be in a few years. It’s good just to get some playoff experience and they’ll continue to develop as players

  12. Eds kjops
    Eds kjops says:

    They shut down ingles play making and Rubio didn't have a good shooting night that killed our chances plus it didn't help Pg couldn't miss! But I'm confident we can get it together and pull a win in okc!! Let's get it jazz!

  13. Justin Y
    Justin Y says:

    The Jazz have great team defense, but don't have great one on one defenders, and that's all OKC is. Iso basketball. I notice that the Jazz looked more timid than usual. given that OKC will cool down, I believe the Jazz could win the series if they played with more confidence. In that first quarter the Jazz were hot then they cooled down. When Mitchell Starts to cool, other players need to get hot and shoot with confidence. I hope the Jazz settle down next game and then head home.

  14. Swof
    Swof says:

    every time jonas is on the floor something cringe happens with our defense. Gobert got pulled early cause he had 4 fouls and he stopped defending aggressively after that cause he didn’t want to foul out


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