Did Trevor Booker hint at interest in coming back to play for the Utah Jazz?

Jared Woodcox , 2019-07-03 13:31:37
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Could Trevor Booker be interested in a reunion with his former Utah Jazz squad that has significantly re-tooled this offseason?

It has been a flurry of an offseason for the Utah Jazz. Although most fans figured that trading for Mike Conley would be their lone big move of the summer, they’ve proven us absolutely wrong as the Jazz remain as busy as ever in the free agency market. Sure, the Conley trade was the major blockbuster and biggest splash, but their other transactions have been surprisingly impressive as well.

First of all, after apparently missing out on Nikola Mirotic who opted to leave the NBA to play overseas in Spain, the Jazz pivoted and landed a guy that I’m even more excited about considering his fit – Bojan Bogdanovic. After that, they used their room exception to net Ed Davis, a high-motor big that will provide energy, defense and rebounding off the bench behind Rudy Gobert.

Then, as they continue to fill out their roster, they added a pair of solid talents on minimum contracts in rugged power forward Jeff Green, who’s a seasoned veteran that should add versatility and experience to Utah’s frontcourt, and Emmanuel Mudiay, a reclamation project type guard that presents a low-risk, high-reward opportunity on such a bargain deal.

Considering that the Jazz have been so active and have added so many players that, while they certainly aren’t stars by any stretch, are definitely highly recognizable names, there have been jokes going around NBA Twitter by surprised parties to the tune of – “Who haven’t the Jazz signed?!”

One such joke came from former Utah Jazz social media content producer and host Hayley Byrnes who facetiously stated, “So is anyone NOT on the Jazz?” Her question was responded to by none other than former Utah Jazz fan favorite Trevor Booker.

Book didn’t use any words to reply, but simply a finger emoji that seemed to indicate a message of “I’m not on the Jazz.” However, given the subtle message and all the praise Booker has been giving the Jazz so far this offseason, one can’t help but wonder – would Booker be interested in re-joining the squad and giving things another run on this new-look SLC squad? Could his message have indicated that he’s not on the Jazz…yet?

A quick perusal of the comments on his simple tweet is evidence enough of how gladly Jazz fans would welcome him back with open arms. He hasn’t played in the NBA since he closed the 2017-18 season with the Indiana Pacers, but he has hinted at wanting to make a return to the league. During that brief stint in Indy, he was a teammate of new Jazzman Bojan Bogdanovic, so this connection, as well as Booker’s familiarity with the Jazz from his former time spent there, would make for a likely seamless fit.

Not only that, but despite adding Bogdanovic, who can log some time at the four, Green, who may very well be Utah’s starter at the power forward spot, and Davis who can play some four and five, the Jazz could use a little more insurance in the frontcourt. Derrick Favors and Jae Crowder both represent huge losses for Utah, and the Jazz will have to take a by-committee approach to replace their production after swinging for the fences for Conley and Bogey.

Booker wouldn’t be a huge impact player, but he would provide what he always did in Salt Lake – energy and a spark off the bench. He’d be great insurance in the frontcourt, and would bring some of the nasty that Crowder always brought to the table. Not only that, but he’d be a hard worker and a continued fan favorite that should up the toughness and experience of the Jazz squad. On a minimum contract, which is all the Jazz could offer and what you’d assume he’d be pursuing after not playing last year, he could be a great bargain add.

We shall see if Booker does indeed make a return to the NBA or if Utah is even interested in him – after adding Green it’s very possible they’re looking to add one more wing shooter rather than a big at this point. But the idea of it is exhilarating. And we may never know if Book’s tweet really indicated a true interest in re-joining the Jazz or not, but it certainly seems that way.

And if such were the case, it’s nice to see yet another pro with a desire to play in Utah. The Jazz have long been viewed as an unattractive free agent destination but after landing a big-time contributor in Bojan and three other solid guys who truly wanted to be here, and by speculating that Booker could have significant interest in coming back as well, it feels there’s a change in the winds as it pertains to Utah’s ability to lure in free agents.

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It’s a good time to be a Utah Jazz fan, my friends.


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