Amin Elhassan joins Scott Van Pelt as he discusses his favorite moves from day one of NBA free agency. Elhassan’s favorite move was the Jazz signing Bojan Bogdanovic as he joins Mike Conley in Utah. Elhassan finishes with explaining the impact of Kawhi Leonard’s decision on the Los Angeles Lakers as they wait to see if he wants to sign with them.

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20 replies
  1. Melo
    Melo says:

    Part of me is wondering if this is all on purpose by ujiri & Kawhi to delay the Lakers into not getting any free agents and to get stuck with the bottom of the barrel.

    LONZO BOZO says:

    Kawhi-Jelly is goin to join The Lake Show to get piss coach Pop off. Ultimate revenge. Lock it in. Clippers does not have a 2nd star and Toronto hasn't got the lifestyle he seeks. Mr Leonard wants to keep getting better and learning from the best (Lebron) is just too enticing. This is his best chance to possibly get as many rings as Jordan.

  3. joueboy M
    joueboy M says:

    Why would he wanna go back to California. The worst thing that happened to his life happened in California. Mediocre racist state at its best look what they did to Ujiri. Until now no justice for his father only in California. He can go somewhere else but not California.

  4. LeVelle Coley
    LeVelle Coley says:

    Knicks fans are dumb btw. This is why the pelicans didn’t max out Cousins. He could come back 85% or come back 60% is that enough to win a title?? Btw KD missing one year and when he does return do u think the coaching staff will allow him to play 35 minutes off top or play like 28-29? Depending on his feel. In other words Knicks would’ve paid this man 2.7/yrs $164M for KD is that good?

  5. Alden21
    Alden21 says:

    KAWHI WILL NOT PLAY FOR THE LAKERS. Not happening, these guys are clowns if they think Kawhi will play 3rd wheel to LeFlop and some guy with one eyebrow.


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