The Utah Jazz had an insanely efficient night against the Orlando Magic scoring 125 points as a team. Rodney Hood was on fire scoring 31 points with 7 threes, Derrick Favors had 25 points on 10/12 shooting and Raul Neto had a team high plus minus of +44. Oh, and this was all on the third game in four nights for the Jazz who had yet to win a road game this season.

Maybe there really is magic in Orlando?

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  1. Marty Mcfly
    Marty Mcfly says:

    Frank Vogel don't know what he is doing. He do not have the right starting lineup. EP hair is affecting his shot. Honestly Simmons and Issac should start. Fournier😥😥. He is aggresive when driving, but défensively. Terrence belongs on the Bench!!. Simple

  2. Joe C
    Joe C says:

    I don’t think these first 20 games are representative of what kind of team we have. I think they will gel and play better, there are too many good players on this team. I don’t want a draft pick. I want to be a contender, Rudy will not stick around if we are bottom feeders, this club has a reputation of trying to field teams that win games. This season is so young and it’s already seen a bunch of teams shift from good runs to bad runs and vice versa. We just need to hit a stride and let these guys figure each other out. Rudy and JJ make a big difference we have a lot of our cap money tied up in those two, they make a difference and if the rest of the guys play at their average potential, we have a team. A couple games behind.500 in November means absolutely nothing.

  3. ArcticSlicer
    ArcticSlicer says:

    Offense seems to flow better with two real guards on the field. Most of the season we have had Rubio and Mitchell taking turns at point guard; tonight, Mitchell had either Rubio or Neto out there with him pretty the entire time and the offense seems to flow a lot better that way. I have been saying this for awhile but I think Mitchell should be playing all of his minutes at shooting guard with Rubio and Neto taking turns at point. I think the offense and the ball movement are going to be a lot better that way; and it allows Mitchell to focus more on being a primary scoring option for the team.

    Watching that game; it almost looked like the Magic gave up after that first half. The played pretty well in the first quarter but got behind in the second quarter; when they came back in the third quarter, they just didn't play with a lot of energy and just got further and further behind.

  4. Eds kjops
    Eds kjops says:

    Great game I always believed in hood was good to see him go off!! I agree it was good to see him drive to the hoop Neto played well I think he should get more minutes favours was great everything was clicking


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