When Ricky Rubio went down in the first half, it didn’t look like the Utah Jazz would be able to close out the Oklahoma City Thunder, but this Utah Jazz team has shown resilience at every point of the season and they showed it again tonight. Joe Ingles hit big shots in the second quarter that helped tie the game going into halftime.
In the third quarter, Donovan Mitchell put on a show. He went toe to toe with reigning MVP, Russell Westbrook, and willed the Jazz to a double digit lead. The things that Mitchell is doing as a rookie are unprecedented. Mitchell carrying the team in the third quarter was reminiscent of things we’ve only seen from players like Michael Jordan. It’s going to be a long and fun ride for Jazz fans as Donovan Mitchell continues to grow both in these playoffs and for years to come. What a player!
The Jazz also got big contributions from other players like Derrick Favors who had big blocks, rebounds and a MASSIVE jumper late in the fourth. Royce O’neale started the third quarter and played next level defense. Alec Burks hit huge shots including a big corner three late in the game. Jae Crowder brought fantastic intensity on the defensive end and effectively took Paul George out of the game.
The strength of this Jazz team really is the team and that’s why no one should ever count them out.


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  1. Movie Muscle
    Movie Muscle says:

    I like your commentary most of the time, but sometimes that obnoxious Utah Jazz homer comes out of you. lol. let’s give him some time before the comparisons to Jordan and even Westbrook start flying out.

  2. Anon EmouseMan
    Anon EmouseMan says:

    Looking forward to Houston the Jazz are going to need Alec Burks. Even if Rubio can recover, the Jazz need to play Alec Burks a lot so that Rubio doesn't get injured or partially injured again. Also, Alec Burks gives them a different look than Rubio so the other team is going to have to try to figure that out. Notice who played significant minutes when the Jazz blew out Golden State. The answer to that question is Alec Burks. Rubio and Burks can be a good one two punch. One way or another without Alec Burks playing significant minutes, regardless of Rubio's health, the Jazz won't win.

    With A.B. playing significant minutes, the Jazz can smash the Houston Rockets, both defensively and offensively. Simple as that. Play Alec Burks significant minutes, or the Jazz need to pack their bags because they don't have a chance in Hell without Burks playing significant minutes considering the players that Houston has on their team. No chance. Zip. Nada.

    Either the Jazz play Burks or they are done. Period. End of line. End of sentence. If that means Exum plays less minutes or not at all, so be it. Houston is the best team in the league. To win against the best you need the best to play against them. Whatever contract stuff is going on with Burks or other players on the Jazz team, the Jazz coaching staff needs to put all of that aside and win the series against Houston. Simple as that.

  3. Manuel Gonzalez
    Manuel Gonzalez says:

    Rockets fan here

    Jazz look scary guys! Y’all have a superstar rookie. I look forward to watching the jazz in the future. I was rooting for them!!! Jazz beating the thunder made me a fan.
    I can’t wait to watch this series work the rockets vs jazz!!!!!

  4. Renee Baltimore
    Renee Baltimore says:

    THANK YOU JESUS!!!! If you don’t believe in PRAYER, just rewatch this game. This is a VERY SPECIAL TEAM!!!! I wanted the Jazz come home to their hometown crowd for assistance. The crowd was WILD!!!! I wanted the Jazz to play in their arena. My little cousin Don was ON FIYAH!!!!! I can’t tell you how proud I am of him!!!! All I can say is “To God be the glory for the things He has done”. This is a SPECIAL TEAM!!!

  5. Recontramojado
    Recontramojado says:

    I'm calling it right now Ingles, Gobert and Mitchell are in my All-Time Jazz team, Ingles off the bench with Memo, Harpring, Carr and Hornacek. Mitchell and Gobert filling it up with number 12, 32 and 47. And I'm leaving Deron Williams out because he wouldn't like to be a bench player and he aint moving Stockton out of the starting 5. I have an extra spot for Millsap and Shandon Anderson.

  6. Recontramojado
    Recontramojado says:

    The game is on the line, your team has been scrappy and gave itself a chance to tie the game with half a dozen offensive rebounds, you get the screen and the switch you want, the clock i ticking, you pump fake and the best defender in the game bites… what do you do? Follow your shot's motion and try and hit the clean look three? or do you jump against the guy you just pump faked bump on him and take an out of balance shot hoping for the refs to call it? yup… good no call, it should be the right call all the time.

  7. Martin McBeth
    Martin McBeth says:

    The Jazz in game 6 were the scrappy, fighting Jazz we've seen all year whereas Anthony was the player who disappeared when the light shown on him. A "team" beat the big 2.5 representing the Oklahoma City Thunder. Damn, Carmelo's sticky contract's gotta hurt.

  8. darkanguiel
    darkanguiel says:

    Donovan Mitchell is the embodiment of an NBA 2k My Career player. He is absolutely amazing! My man Rubio is out of the game? No problem, Donovan's there to put an end to all your problems!

  9. tianlong zhuge
    tianlong zhuge says:

    "That was a garbage play and he doesn't deserve a foul" Are you serious mate? I used to like your show but not any more. I am not a Thunders fan and now I just want Houston to roll over Jazz! That was clearly a foul. Jazz cheated! Go Houston!

  10. Austin White
    Austin White says:

    The refs won dumb shit. Refs favored your inbred team the entire season. Hard to win games when you have to play the refs every single night. Jazz fans are the dumbest fans in the entire league god damn.

  11. Thomas Crammer
    Thomas Crammer says:

    I'm loving this W. Could have blown them out but okc gave us a classic which I hoped at the beginning. Who's afraid of chris Paul who got owned like Westbrook last year with weaker team and harden who couldn't get it done with Durant and well…that guy. Lmao…i think we have a team with a damn good chance. And no I don't bet. I don't mess with chi.

  12. SuperStrik9
    SuperStrik9 says:

    Dude, the way you guys lost Hayward last offseason, it'd be hard to think of a team that deserves a player like Donovan Mitchell more. I'd say no team deserves it more. (Well maybe my Raps ;-))


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