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Marcus Spears reacts to Odell Beckham Jr.’s comments that he was not able to reach his full potential with the Giants and blames the culture in New York.

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49 replies
  1. Steven Wolf
    Steven Wolf says:

    Fuck Odell. The Giants don't even need him. He is such a distraction on and off the field. We only had one winning season with him and what did we do that year. Nothing. He dropped so many balls in the wild card game in Green Bay. We could have easily won that game, but nope he cost us that game fucking asshole. Also he is injury prone. I can't wait when the Giants have a good record this year and all the people saying the Giants are worse without Odell, you don't know football. Towards the end of the season, the Giants scored a ton of points in certain games, but the defense got exposed which cost us some wins. So to sum it up, the Giants offense is much better without OBJ.

  2. Jeremy Webber
    Jeremy Webber says:

    I love how you idiots fall into a narrative and cant get out. HOT TAKE. The NYG will have a better record then the Browns. ATM Eli Manning is head and shoulders above Baker.

  3. Blow' The Whistle
    Blow' The Whistle says:

    He's growing in a entirely different direction than the Giants org is perfect trade to a situation where the culture in Clev. is exactly the new spark his career needed along with his growth as a person.

  4. Malcolm Dalle
    Malcolm Dalle says:

    Naw homie you just weak..We won a super bowl with a undrafted free agent(VICTOR CRUZ)you done already bro..your best years were in New York now you just bout to be a superstar receiver that couldn't win a super bowl..Now I can name a few superstar receivers who had spectacular years in the league but guess what,No super bowl rings…Think about it

  5. Petro Ntagana
    Petro Ntagana says:

    What OBJ basically said was that Eli wasn't able to feed him the ball so that he could show what he was capable of doing and by going to the browns with baker he thinks he will be able to do so.

  6. Bruce Guillory
    Bruce Guillory says:

    Funny how he didn’t let him finish talking before he asked about another player? Odell a beast Eli Manning just can’t cut it no more he can’t delivery the ball his reflex’s to slow and he can’t deliver the ball to a player of Odell caliber.

  7. Athens_1 PSVR
    Athens_1 PSVR says:

    Greeny sounds stupid comparing Eli and Bradford with OBJ. Neither of them became superstars early because of their play. Eli didn’t get invited places until he won a SB and he was the first at the party (in Miami) before 11pm. Suited and sitting alone in the corner. SB MVP status?

  8. Athens_1 PSVR
    Athens_1 PSVR says:

    OBJ translated:
    How can I feel safe, win, and shine with an Inaccurate, Weak arm, Non-leading and folding under pressure QB?
    Get rid of him or me. I should start packing right?

  9. Treadmill Hipsters
    Treadmill Hipsters says:

    The media made him look bad, not him greeny, all these reports are false because all of his teammates said he was a great teammate, I hate the criticism of Odell and people don't know how he is for real. He plays the game with his heart, that's why he gets mad and frustrated and cries, he's so emotionally attached to the game. New York was not letting him win.

  10. A Low
    A Low says:

    Browns gonna be the browns no turnaround the curse is still there lol Odell gonna suck like he been sucking Odell met his full potential its over browns a joke of a team

  11. Rick S
    Rick S says:

    what Odell means is that we (the Cleveland fan ) will not chase your car down the street trying to get a photo, we just want you to play hard and that's it, we come to the game if your ass but play hard we treat our players like ppl not idols

  12. RamboRigs
    RamboRigs says:

    I can't really stand Greeny anymore. It's like ESPN gave him a role to play and stick to after he left mike and mike. Overly PC and overly righteous. Feels too "fake"

  13. Michael D
    Michael D says:

    No matter how the Browns play this season, this is still the most accurate statement from Ol' Dirty Beckham since he's been in the NFL.
    Firstly, Eli is THE WORST starting QB in the NFL. Even when he won a damn superbowl! Besides every other team having a shitty year, his team still had to carry him through it. Secondly, how does NY expect to win when at least 75% passes are going to one reciever?? How well do you think he could play when every defense knows, on every play, Eli is gonna get scared and throw it to Beckham so he doesn't get hit??
    He's finally on a team with elite players. OBJ&Landry(must be counted as one. This duo is just different. They made Mettenberger look like Bradyx10 in Baton Rouge, And their old coach is in the house with them!) They got Eric Murry, Terance Mitchell, along with like 5 other great receivers. But most importantly, a top QB in Mayfield, and THE best back in the NFL with Kareem Hunt. Yeah I fucking said it. Hunt would stiff arm Gurley like the girl he is that can only gain yards before contact, and would plow through Elliott like he's done to half a defensive at once on half his downs, or like he did to that aggressor that punched him and called him a N because he wouldn't fuck her teenage ass.
    OBJ is no longer on a team that bets the bank on two players; one of which is trash. He will be able to play some football with no worries since he's on Dorsey's team now!

  14. philsalvage
    philsalvage says:

    Lmao Greeny making his usual shameless plug of trying to include his jets in every conversation. Comparing a HOF we in Odell to Mark Sanchise jr.

    Jets fans hate the Browns cause Dorsey pulled a fast one on the Jets organization during last years draft. They thought for sure that the Browns would be dumb enough to pass on Baker and take the next future usc bust. But instead the Dorse with ice water in his veins he made the right choice and picked number 6. Leaving the jets to be settled for sloppy seconds since they mortgaged their future weeks prior to the draft.

    Browns will smash the jets at their home on Monday night in a couple months.

  15. Saleh Saud
    Saleh Saud says:

    Sorry but saquon got there and handle himself why better again he let that catch get to his head. What got him traded was that interview. That was the nail in the coffin

  16. Keith Falconer
    Keith Falconer says:

    Odell brings it on himself …… as a giants fan i saw it …. get ready for some great plays browns fans but he brings the circus with him …. the worst thing for Odell was making that catch in a game they lost ….. as an owner , GM and coach …. I wouldn’t want every question to be about 1 guy ….. and he’s injury prone.

  17. Ivalina Passe
    Ivalina Passe says:

    I believe Odell Beckham Jr will have a better outcome with the Cleveland Browns they most likely bring the best out of him. Its about that Rhythm with your teammates making things happen bring out the best in each other. He will be fine!!!!

  18. Ronald Shiffman
    Ronald Shiffman says:

    Spears couldn't lead his troops out of a mud puddle. For 5000 years, soldiers didn't fight alone. They had a TROOP with them lead by a commander. Soldiers followed orders. They didn't conduct their own war. Beckham has one loyalty – to Beckham.

  19. soulofhandball
    soulofhandball says:

    So they basically stating that NY was a too serious place for O'dell. So that was not good for him due to his attitude? So because he could not act the way he wanted to that stopped him from reaching his potential?

    I like Odell I really do but that's bullshit. He felt some type of way because they traded him, simple. If he did feel they were preventing him from being great he would of never signed that long lengthy contract.

  20. Pinkpunk143
    Pinkpunk143 says:

    Such a f-ing victim now!!! I watched him play and I watched him party on biebers yacht while he should've been practicing. He's a spoiled child that wants sympathy


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