Post game reaction to the Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs. Grayson Allen posted a near triple double as the Jazz routed the Spurs. Georges Niang shot lights out scoring 17 points as well.


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  1. B B
    B B says:

    My goodness jazz signed dante to over ten million a year for what ha jazz general manager needs to learn how to negotiate a contract what a joke in this market he would have been lucky to get 6 million jazz again bid to much Dennis Linsey needs to get a guy to help him with money worst free agent money favors for 17 and Dante 11 million are you kidding me so dumb so dumb

  2. Pedicab Crypto
    Pedicab Crypto says:

    When the season is back in full swing, or maybe even during the summer league. You can throw in some highlights? I kinda like how there is no highlights though. So I don’t know. But sometimes I’ve definitely pictured myself wishing there were some highlights. So that’s what I’m thinking right now. Cheers!

  3. bill hedrick
    bill hedrick says:

    Going to the game tomorrow psych is high! Wifes psych is officially down now that jazz are back in action. I think once grayson adjust to NBA style play and his shot starts falling that's something to be excited about! But but but podcast soooooooooooooooooooon?!? 😞


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