The Norwest division is the toughest in the NBA. How will the Jazz, Nuggets, Blazers, Thunder and Timberwolves end up at the end of the season?


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  1. Liam Jonas
    Liam Jonas says:

    Hmm..As a thunder fan seeing us at #2 in the the west is soooo satisfying.
    And where is Utah? oh yeah 2nd worst in the west, at the BOTTOM. People need to look at how teams currently are not old results from the playoffs.

  2. Hasnain Karan
    Hasnain Karan says:

    OKC added Schroder as their back up PG and Noel as their back up Center. I’d be hard pressed to say they are somehow not as good if not better than the Jazz.

    OKC’s inconsistency was the reason they lost in the playoffs, with a consistent team and an actual bench they’ll make quick work of the Jazz if they see them again.

  3. 1 Survivor
    1 Survivor says:

    My projection for the division..

    1. Jazz 54-28 (3rd in the west)
    2. Thunder 51-31 (5th in the west)
    3. Blazers 47-35 (7th in the west)
    4. Nuggets 45-37 (9th in the west)
    5. Wolves 46-36 (10th in the west)

    I'll be updating this before the season though, this was what I had a few weeks ago. I'll tinker with the projected records. I don't expect the rankings to change.

  4. OKC Celtics
    OKC Celtics says:

    Don’t get too excited about Utah beating OKC……we clearly weren’t the same team when we lost Roberson and when you watch the games in the perspective of a thunder fan you can clearly see that we were beating ourselves more then anything. I’m not taking anything away from the Jazz though, they’re a great team and overall they just had their shit together. Im just sayin that Donovan Mitchell wouldn’t have scored anywhere near 38 points on 53% if Roberson was guarding him the whole series……it’d be an inefficient 22 points. We had Corey Brewer guarding him…..he’s probably not gonna be in the league anymore

  5. OKC Celtics
    OKC Celtics says:

    Patrick Patterson will probably be starting since he’s a pretty good 3pt shooter for his position. He and Grant can also put the ball on the floor and Patrick Patterson in particular is great at moving the ball and was honestly our best player off the bench last season


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